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PreviewsLogo.jpgTNT Partners -- It's only a few more shopping days until Christmas . . . and if you don't already have your luxe presents picked out . . . you may be in big trouble with your loved ones!

Everyone at our house is hinting for something expensive this year . . . and we know there might be something luxe under the tree for those who have been extra nice this year!

Ho-Ho-Ho! Looking for last-minute goodies? We recommend Wine Enthusiast . . . so many luxe ideas in their gift center . . . and great last-minute shipping . . . and you can get those wine lovers on your list something special!

wineenthusiast.jpgAnd Speaking of Wine . . . This week we are urging you to think about the addition of one more luxe room to your manse. No matter what the size of your luxe digs . . . please consider a wine cellar! This room is sure to add value to your already wonderful surroundings.

So Luxe! Wine connoisseurs are springing up in every household . . . everyone is learning more about wines from all over the world.

Investments in wines and wineries have been increasing in size over the last few years . . . and savvy luxe homeowners have been asking for custom wine cellars in their residences.

Tailor Made: These custom wine cellars have a flavor all their own . . . whether you desire a grotto-like accommodation with intricate arched, carved wood doorways . . . leading to a room fit with elaborate storage units for the wine . . . and showcases for your finest bottles . . . or a smaller intimate storage area for sharing a bottle with family and friends.

Love Those Details: Flooring is stone or brick to accommodate that clubby, luxe, cellar feeling. Sometimes we see wonderful tile inlays . . . some with a wine theme.

res_cus_gal01.jpgWonderful antiques are often refitted and worked into the wall units for extra storage . . . and charm!

Also a special ventilation system is sometimes  installed in a cellar's ceiling for occasional cigar and cigarette smoking.

Field Trip! One fabulous wine cellar we encountered in a luxe manse . . . took our breath away!

This home had a suite of rooms for their extensive wine collection! We entered the cellar through massive handcrafted iron gates . . . incorporating the family’s crest! How wonderfully luxe!!!

We walked into a large room with a barrel ceiling . . . and centered in the room was a stately oversized round wood table with enormous claw feet . . . high-backed antique chairs complimented the table . . . and an antique sideboard for storage flanked one wall.

res_cus_gal21.jpgBetter & Better! Faux painting adorned the walls, depicting a serene vineyard in Italy. The look of this cellar definitely complimented and enhanced the wine-tasting experience!

The main room overlooked the next chamber . . . huge glass walls and door . . . like a major restaurant . . . with security of course . . . showcasing the homeowners' extensive collection of prized wines and cognac.

The artistic interpretation of wine shelving . . . those who can help you design a custom wine cellar . . . they plan a feast for the eyes in their design . . . and it's so important for the correct storage of your bottled investments!

res-cus-gal-52.jpgSuch Jewels! A great wine cellar is just like a special safe for your precious bottles of wine . . . in fact, one new wine cellar just finished incorporating an old safe from the homeowners' 1920s-style residence into a focal point for their new wine cellar. So luxe and lovely, dear reader!

The Royal Treatment! Why not a wine cellar fit for a king or a queen??? A Tudor-style luxe residence we saw has a turret with a tiny winding stone staircase leading down to the wine area.

You reach the lower level with a cozy “living room” with sofas and large upholstered chairs to lounge and enjoy your after-dinner drinks. The actual wine storage is in a dark closet area that has been there for years . . . with natural cooling for the wine because you are below ground.

res_cus_gal05.jpgWow! This leads to a wine-tasting room with stone walls . . . and a long wooden table that seats approximately 26! Sometimes there are special diners and celebrations here. Luxe Lover, word has it that many heads of state have come here to discuss important matters!!!

Now that’s another use for a wine cellar we don't usually see . . . .

Give Us a Call at 1-800-828-2177! Ask us for more information about amazing luxe properties . . . advice on how to help you list and sell your beautiful home . . . or help finding a new home for the new year. Till next week . . . we hope you are enjoying this magical holiday season. And no whining . . . just wining!!!

All our best,

TNT Partners: Julia, Wendy and Steven 

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Photo Credits: Wine Cellar Innovations, Wine Enthusiast

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