Julia_Pic4.jpgJulia Broder -- As a Realtor, homeowner, and family member, I wanted to reflect and give thanks on this holiday season . . . and I wanted to tell you about the ultimate gift I am so lucky to receive each and every year!

may05_ahluwalia_advertorial.jpgMy Pleasure! I give thanks for THE GIFT of all the clients and colleagues who entrust me with their real estate needs and desires. My colleagues and I at The Riverside Realty Group in Westport, CT like to go beyond the “business of real estate” . . . and we really consider it an honor to become a part of your growing and changing family.

Time Flies . . . I have been fortunate that many of you have been with me for multiple moves over the years. But more importantly, I have been there to share your personal milestones . . . weddings . . . births . . . retirement . . . inheritance . . . new businesses . . . all are major changes that I enjoy celebrating with you!

And In Hard Times . . . I am honored to be there for you . . . to console and counsel you to the best of my ability when you were going through difficult times. I take pride in getting the most for your real estate investments at all times. In 2007, I saw many of my clients' parents pass on . . . delicate times where I assumed the trusted, important responsibility of helping families make their real estate decisions.

elderly%20parent.jpgTransitions . . . This was a year for moving many of your parents into your homes. I helped you to expand your present house or move you to a larger residence. And I also helped you find assisted care for some of your elderly parents.

I Love It! You found out that I'm excited about living in our community. And Luxe Lovers, I love what I do! I'm delighted that many of you got to know me better during the past year. You learned that I will not sell a house just to move a piece of property.

The Big Move: I love moving you physically into a new home . . .  and emotionally into the new community you have picked! You will make the right real estate choice when you have been educated on Location, Location , Location. You, your family, your new house, and your new community must all be a great match . . . and if not, I will discourage you from jumping into the wrong situation.

0561093800.jpgAt Your Service! I love moving you into the fabulous luxe homes you have chosen to purchase for living or for investment purposes. I offer you our beautiful listings at The Riverside Realty Group . . . our team covers all parts of the world . . . and we can take you anywhere you want to live!

Forever? Nothing is permanent. We will always experience changes during the Cycle of Life . . . and I will help you find the real estate “fit” for whatever life brings your way.

I help enlighten you to “love where you buy” . . . and my clients use me as their sounding board and agent for purchasing and selling their luxe homes all over the world.

It Was a Very Good Year! I was grateful that my 2007 sales price ratio and market time was superior to our area's average. The real estate group I was part of in 2007 sold listings at over 96 % of the asking price with only an average of 77 days on market! This could not have been possible without the trust you give me to get your properties sold . . . and I'm grateful to you!

THE GREATEST GIFT: My clients make this work joyous . . . and I love the responsibility for helping communities grow and thrive. I work hard to make your real estate experiences enjoyable and fruitful . . . and I receive THE GIFT . . . which is YOU, my wonderful clients . . . every day . . . and I thank you!

Pool-1-1-marseille-ctBC-IMG.jpgYou have come to work with me from so many places this year . . . from many parts of the world . . . Scotland, England, Italy, Greece, Japan, Ireland, New England, California, Texas, Illinois, Kansas, New York City, Long Island -- just to name a few! You have been buying luxe properties and referring me to buyers and sellers in many foreign lands . . . and I'm delighted to work with you!

The New Year. 2008 looks like a great year for you luxe buyers out there . . . with more special inventory than ever before . . . and fabulous new resort areas popping up around the globe for your special second home!

My weekly articles for Design2Share are a gift from me to you as I reflect on what I've seen and shared with many of my clients in the past year. Please know, Luxe Lovers, that you are all very special to me . . . and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year . . . because you are THE GIFT!

Give Me a Call at 1-203-247-7500: Ask me for more information about amazing luxe properties . . . advice on how to help you list and sell your beautiful home . . . or help finding a new home for 2008. Till next week . . . I hope you are having a beautiful holiday season.

I hope for a Peaceful, Healthy, and Prosperous -- make that LUXE -- New Year for all!

All the best,

Julia Broder


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Photo Credits: Siliconeer, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, Coldwell Banker Property Australia

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