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PreviewsLogo.jpgTNT Partners -- You might wonder where the inspiration came from for this week's article, luxe property lovers . . . and a quick look down at your waistline will tell all!

We're all making the rounds of holiday parties . . . festive times . . . houses ablaze with lights and decorations . . . and tables groaning with delicious feasts! We've been INDULGING . . . and the average person gains 7 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!

And as New Year's approaches, we're making resolutions . . . and oh, dear reader, something's got to give about the shape we're in . . . and the extra shape above our beltline . . . for we only want our wallets to bulge in 2008 . . . and nothing else!


TNT Partners, along with other Coldwell Banker Previews agents, loves bringing you highlights from luxury properties, and this time of year has driven us into the home gym. Time to get fit . . . stay in shape . . . work off the excess poundage . . . and do it on our own luxe turf.

Ka-Ching! As Realtors in the know, we love to see those at-home luxe gyms! They are in great demand as one of the top amenities for all new luxe properties . . . also a recommended amenity for resale . . . a Must Have feature for all ages now!

And business in home fitness is booming! It's a $3.4 billion industry now. Demand for home exercise solutions is on the rise.

Businessweek%20home%20gym.jpgSmart Thinking. TNT Partners were involved with one of the first smart homes in the Westport, Connecticut area years ago. We loved all the techno bells and whistles!

It was then that we started to see the home gym, the wine cellar, and the media room all on the same lower level.

When the smart homes first came into the luxe property scene, they made these amenities standard and the norm for exciting, new construction. Now a great home gym or yoga room can add $70,000 or more to the value of a beautiful luxe property.

This Old House Workout: So a few years later since we saw the first smart homes . . . the standards have risen . . . and luxe buyers must have these home gym amenities . . . even in the resale of an older, elegant property!

This week we previewed a gorgeous Coldwell Banker Previews Property!!!! It was a fantastic multi-million dollar estate here in CT . . . near the water . . . with guest house. The owners had redone the whole lower level, including a fantastic new gym. In fact, luxe property lovers . . . the ceilings were lower because of the age of the home. Problemo? No siree! They designed the placement of the elliptical training equipment with the ceiling raised . . . taking into consideration any taller people using the equipment. Very cool and fun!

Ferrari743_2.jpgName-Brand Luxury! We're raving, raving, raving about the Ferrari Unica home gym.

At a little over $20,000, you have a sensual car-inspired athletic experience in your home. Vrooom-vrooom!

Beautiful extras in this workout station simulate your favorite Ferrari . . . beige leather padding like in classic car interiors . . . even a Maranello RACING RED frame color. We love it!!!

And we're also in lust with the TechnoGym, that wall-mounted workout unit in the first photo. So how can you get more luxe than that? Easy! You can splurge on their limited edition Kinesis Gold Edition, designed in Milan (where else, luxe lovers?) by Antonio Cittero . . . and it's hemmed in gold foil . . . and only about $13,000. Yummy!!! Work up a sweat with your gold-plated luxury gym equipment. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

technogym_48.jpgPump It Up! Many home gyms have sleek rooms to pump up your bod . . . buff your booty and every single body part . . . incorporating programs that are normally associated with all the top gyms!

This all comes from creating in your home a lifestyle for the baby boomers and other luxe lovers that compliments the spas . . . and meditation rooms . . . aimed at helping us all live longer.

How Fabulous! Big screen televisions with all your favorite exercise tapes . . . superior sound systems to carry you through your workout. Amazing special flooring to protect your knees and to keep the sound down . . . mirrored walls with ballet bars!

Equipment? Wow! Fantastic elliptical machines . . . weight lifting areas with stands . . . Pilates equipment to stretch and tone . . . multi-faceted workout station equipment for smaller home gym areas is smart and practical. We love all the state-of-the-art bikes. An area for those who are into the great pole exercises is so much fun. And . . . Ommmmmmmmmmmmm . . . we love yoga rooms with great workout mats and zen styling for mediation and unwinding!


The Extras!!! Thick luscious exercise mats . . . refrigerators for your special bottled water . . . gym equipment located right next door to your spa bath to unwind from your workout . . . steam baths . . . multi-shower heads . . . marble sinks and tubs . . . heated floors.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . it's all saving you luxe lovers from traveling away from your wonderful home and facing the health club crowds! Now it's easy to keep in shape and keep on top of your luxe game.

Family Affair: Also having an at-home gym is wonderful for older children to help keep them in shape for their sports at school. How fabulous is it for parents to encourage a healthier lifestyle for their families!

So think about the home gym for your next great home renovation or improvement. Make it your resolution to have a healthier and happier new year . . . and stay luxe!

Give Us a Call at 1-800-828-2177! Ask us for more information about amazing luxe properties . . . advice on how to help you list and sell your beautiful home . . . or help finding a new home for the new year. Till next week . . . have a fit, happy, and safe holiday season!!!

All our best,

TNT Partners: Julia, Wendy and Steven

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