Royal Treatment

TNT Partners -- Luxury in the bathroom? Treat yourself like a royal? The personal spa? A place for ultimate home pampering? Yes, yes, yes . . . and yes! Let's see what realtors love in today's most amazing master baths.

We love to demo! You know we go through every single detail in a home! We see everything, from flaws to fab features. We're very critical. Our clients want the best. Welcome to the High End!

We love to demonstrate to clients the latest gadgets. Point out the posh details. Put our clients inside the home by getting their imaginations working overtime. The master bath gets imaginative juices FLOWING. "Picture yourself here . . . ."

spa.jpgWhat's the Bath Buzz? Master baths have become the go-to room where luxe home buyers can regain their balance. Goal: personal relief. "I want to be alone!" Great place for relaxation. Everything arranged for destressing.

Most high-end homeowners have been to the finest spas in the world. This is the space where they want to create a little of that experience in their own home. Thick, thirsty towels rolled up and ready to use. Turkish robes on luxe hardware hooks. Candles. Sponges. Pumice stones. Exfoliants. Exotic soaps. Bath salts.

Double Your Pleasure . . . Are you seeing more of this trend in luxe master baths? We're seeing double! Separate bathing and primping/prep areas for the adult couple. Each adult gets a separate space, sometimes separate baths and showers. Arrange your own things the way you like them. No hassles. No sharing!

Wet & Wonderful. Enter the master bath. You must see a Serene Bath. A few royal experience must-haves: Wonderful tile. Stone or glass tiles on the floors. Amazing borders warm the space and define the design of the bath center.

Seldom will you find tubs anchored against walls. Large inviting soaking tubs. Hydrotherapy tubs are centered in the middle of the room . . . creates that spa atmosphere. Ah, those luxe tubs! Some have chromatherapy . . . colored lights that can be set to glow red, yellow, green, rainbow colors. Create special bathing experiences. Fun for realtors to demo!

shower.jpgAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . The shower area . . . glass enclosed with a rain head or waterfall. Body sprays. A complete water closet.

Steam showers still are a very big hit with new luxe home buyers. Many men prefer them over tubs. We see them in many his-only master baths, contrasting to her-only soaking tubs.

Not Your Grandmother's Bathroom! Today's master bath cabinetry . . . so detailed they resemble pieces of fine furniture. Much goes into the planning of the luxe bath, just like any other major room of the house.

vanity.jpgMake-up areas. Twin sinks for couples to get ready together without hogging the mirror. Another sink with a separate vanity is a must. Glorious mirrors with custom trim. Heated mirrors to shave without condensation. Concealed medicine cabinets.

Gas fireplaces are a hit . . . more in cooler climes, but they build romance anywhere! We see them located at an important focal point when soaking in the tub. Which brings us to electronics . . . .

Gadgets! Televisions . . . one for each adult is more and more common. Catch up on the news while getting ready. We like computers for the shower . . . control the temperature and the water pressure. Demo, demo, demo those luxe sound systems with outrageous speakers!

Lights! We like to flick through those lighting systems to make all the right moods. Lights are very important in the luxe master bath. Soft lighting near the tub. Chandeliers work great there. Brighter lights near the vanities very important . . . sconces or ultra-chic recessed lights. Make-up lights to put on your face with flair!

Extras We Love: Art niches are wonderful for that collection of yours. A chaise lounge gives you the space to read and relax in your bathrobe. Love the huge master bath suites with treadmills or exercise bikes in line with TVs. All these touches and more add to a wonderful spa feeling . . . create a getaway from the luxe homeowners' hectic life. After all the rat racing, you deserve luxe bathing and pampering at its finest!

Next Week . . . We're always on the prowl for you, luxe home lover . . . and next week we'll be looking for the  "what's up" in Luxe Media Rooms. Check out our TNT website, browse our listings, and call a certified Realtor to see the great luxe property finds that are on the market TODAY!

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TNT Partners: Julia, Wendy, and Steven

Photo credits: Kohler, LineaAqua.

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