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TNT Partners -- We are being featured in several episodes . . . taping as we speak . . . of a national cable TV show! All about real estate and evaluating homeowners' improvements and plus-or-minus house features. Fab format. We're fab. A touch of luxe on cable!

Will TV jade us? Will we change our lifestyles? LOL, luxe lovers! We are dedicated, died-in-the-wool high-end real estate professionals. We will NEVER stop working hard to show clients the best of the best . . . the segment of the real estate market that shines brightly. We're showing off what we we think makes luxe homes special on Design2Share, and now on TV. We love expanding into new horizons!

media%20room.jpgFlip, Flip, Flip! And we love showing you great features from homes we show and sell. Flip, flip, flip those luxe properties! People are mobile, families transfer to new jobs, and we're always busy.

One of the features of luxe homes that's super-fun to demo for clients is the media room. Let's gossip about what's going on today in these beautiful rooms . . . on the High End, of course!

Set the Stage . . .  and adjust the sound to reflect the video game you want to play . . . or that movie you want to see in the privacy of your luxe home! Relax and sink back into fabulous furniture. Families are gearing up for unbelievable entertainment inside the home.

Today it's hunkering down in Luxe Media Rooms instead of schlepping the family out to a mall arcade or the crowded cineplex. Prepare a great meal, microwave that popcorn, and be entertained at your own pace . . . call your own time outs from the media action . . . and never leave your home.

WOW Factor. We are so inspired! Just came from an incredibly fab new home media/family room. Where to begin, luxe lovers? Well . . . let's start with the latest electronic components!


Go only for the best front-projector systems. Can range from $10,000 to $22,000 for the best ones. Automatic screens that produce themselves behind rich ceiling molding.

Flat Is Where It's At! Not using that kind of Home Movie system? Of course there's the flat screen HDTV. Mount them on the wall. Surround them with sleek components and your media and game libraries. Everything's in full view and ready to use!

1 + 1 = Sizzling! As we just saw today with one of our properties on the market . . . more luxe homes are going for that Theater Experience and the Family Room Concept combo. We love it! The combination of these two once-separate elements makes so much sense. Much better to pack features and functionality into a single room than cart the kids and guests down the hall to watch a movie or play a game while others are hanging out in a separate area to talk and eat together.

Tricked Out and Over the Top . . . We're impressed as realtors, and our clients respond well to media rooms that feature the best equipment. And the best living and decor features, as well!

Try plunking a stone fireplace in the middle of the room. Pack in interest with large-scale built-ins holding all your electronic components . . . and what about a place for all your books? The Media Room/Den/Library combination is killer!

One luxe property we toured had a 72-inch HDTV screen with an OUTRAGEOUS sound system. Fun to demo, folks, and lush sound adds to the sensory experience of showing off great real estate! We're also talking the complete package in Media Rooms: window seats with sumptuous pillows for lounging . . . luscious leather and suede seating areas. You don’t mind a bit if the movie is a stinkeroo!!!

Love the Details: Carpeting or old wide-width wood plank floors with rugs. Areas to just hang out in . . . comfy seating is very important in this room! Be careful when you plan this space. You do not want the furniture to overtake the room. It should all fit into the scale of the area. We've seen some lovely high-back chairs with ottomans or even foot rests for better viewing comfort.

dawsons%20theater.jpgIt's That Theater Thing! Another choice in media rooms for our luxe buyers . . . the total Home Theater Experience. Many luxe residences have separate home theaters with stationary seating installed.

Some rooms feature two to three levels of seating . . . candy/refreshment areas . . . specialized lighting systems that are all computer driven, of course . . . elaborate sconces and recessed lighting that dims before the show starts. Some even have automatic curtains that draw and open to expose or cover the screen. Relax and enjoy the show!

Sound Advice. Turn up the volume for the best concerts in today's media room! Don’t worry . . . the walls are soundproofed! Is that volume a bit too high? No problem. Remember . . . most high-tech computer systems run the sound, projector system, and lighting at your fingertips.

Next Week: We've had a blast being entertained by our clients' home media centers. We encourage you to explore these amazing new areas of the luxe home . . . a great retreat to enjoy games, concerts, movies, and entertainment while leaving the car in the garage! Enjoy your DVDs and flicks until we get together again next week . . . and then we're going to look at What’s Outside! Let’s see what the greatest builders and renovators are putting into their cool luxe homes.

All our best till then,

TNT Partners: Julia, Wendy, and Steven


Photo credits: Artcoustic UK, Xpedient Audio/Video, 2modern.

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