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TNT Partners -- ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ . . . wake up, luxe property lovers! Our gathering of dedicated realtors has put together some updates on all the best toys in the new luxe master suite. Relax and enjoy. . .

Head for the Hills! The master suite is Adult Disneyland at home. It's THE place where grownups can relax and enjoy themselves while the rest of the house hums with teenagers, smaller children, houseguests. Sometimes it's good to get away from it all, yet still be at home.

The luxe master suite . . . escape from your hectic life! Relaxation is the key here. Realtors and clients love to walk into these wonderful spaces and look at all the goodies. They're no longer just for sleeping, are they?

master%20fireplace.jpgFire It Up . . . Luxe, large main rooms in many master suites boast a fireplace. Marble or stone surround. Gas is best . . . turn on, turn off easily.

Look Up! We swoon over tray ceilings, poking up beyond normal ceiling height and adding height, drama to the suite. Great way of using up unwanted attic space. Ceilings with recessed lights or ceilings with architectural details with modern, state-of-the-art lighting. Realtors love to demonstrate to clients dimmers, timers, Smart House details.

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting!!! Can you tell that we think lighting is very important? Add hallogen spots to ceiling and avoid old "can" lighting. Dates interiors so badly. Use diffuser lenses over spots to get great wash of light, avoid harsh shadows. Continue lighting scheme down to great wall sconces, side table reading lamps, and good reading floor lamp for comfy reading chair, sofa, or lounger. Desk area in your suite? Add good task lighting, like a great banker's brass goose-necked lamp.

tvwithbed.bmpNo Longer the Boob Tube! Most luxe bedrooms have flat-screen televisions. Many great TV choices for the savvy luxe consumer. Go flat and high definition. Larger the screen, the better. 

Hang the set on a wall opposite the bed for easy viewing. Many hang over the master suite fireplace. Conceal the screens? Sometimes . . . we see them behind art or in specially-designed pieces of furniture at the end of the bed. The TV pops out and raises by remote control (see picture). How luxe!

Vegas, Baby. One great design we saw in a very posh neighborhood in Las Vegas . . . large seating and television area right before you enter the master suite. That way you can watch what you want and not bother anyone that may be sleeping in the master bed! This "anti-master room" has gorgeous floor-to-ceiling oversized built-ins with stately moldings. Watch what you want, then tumble into bed. Great master suites take into consideration a couple's comfort. Someone may be restless and need to watch a movie or late-night program.

Seating Comfort! Warm and inviting seating areas for reading or hanging out . . . a must in today's master BR suite. Sometimes a small area for a writing desk. Catch up on all those fab invitations and notes. But nothing heavy office-wise . . . you don't want to break the magic relaxation spell of the master suite!

Hungry or Thirsty? We need those refreshments at our fingertips. No trips outside your master suite retreat to invade the kitchen. Too many steps! Most luxe masters have a kitchenette . . . small alcove or bar with refrigerator along with a cappuccino and coffee maker, of course. Movie buffs love popcorn, so mini microwave is a good addition.

WalkInCloset.jpgClosets! One of our favorite things to show clients in a high-end property. You betcha! Some luxe closets are way beyond walk-in variety. They are live-in, relax-in, get-dressed-and-made-up-in centers. No skimping here, luxe lovers! There are at least two large walk ins . . . each designed with built-ins that range from mahogany to burl wood. And we love those high-lacquer cabinets in new contemporary residences!

S0-Sweet Closet Extras: These are a few of our favorite things . . . Goodies and collections stored behind decorative glass doors or cabinets. Large walls of mirrors! A central table or island for extra storage and putting down outfit possibilities, jewelry, accessories. Abundant walls of shoe racks are a must in the best closet retreats . . . you lovers of  Manolo know what we mean! Great lighting is important. Sconces, chandeliers, spots, lots of light . . . you need to see well in order to coordinate that wonderful luxe look!

Check out Design2Share's podcast episode on Master Bedroom Design, and you will find great design ideas!

Next Week: Too much to share here . . . so much to rave about with master suites! Next week . . . Luxe Master Ensuite Baths! Escape from the ordinary . . . hmmmmmm . . . let's meditate on that until we connect again.

All our best till then,

TNT Partners: Julia, Wendy, and Steven

Photo credit: The Guardian, Cool Business Ideas, Schulte

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