Augmented Reality Feng Shui iPhone App

Sisters Laura and Alison created the Inspired Everyday Living business to help people thrive by making simple changes around their homes. In feng shui, we've learned that making a few decor and furniture staging switch-ups can make a positive difference in a specific area of your life. What I've always liked about feng shui is that it's experimental and observational. You make an adjustment in where your bed is placed in your bedroom, then you observe the differences in your sleep patterns for the next two weeks. Keep a log. Are you sleeping better ... or worse? Are your dreams pleasant ... or nightmarish? Keep the change process happening, and make adjustments until you're observing a positive forward movement in your life. It's simple, yet transformative.

In the following video, you'll see Laura and Alison demonstrate their new feng shui iPhone app. It instructs you on how to look around a room and find out where the nine key areas are so that you can make changes to empower and strengthen the energy in a specific area.



This article was reprinted with the permission of the Sheffield School. If you'd like to know more about feng shui and interior design, explore the Sheffield SchoolNew York, NY. Sheffield began as an Interior Design school in 1985, and then expanded our course offerings to train people in other design-related fields, including Feng ShuiWedding and Event Planningand Jewelry DesignWith thousands of active students and more than 50,000 graduates, Sheffield has trained more design professionals than any school in the world.

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