Check Out the 3 Key Areas in Your Home

Jay Johnson - If you're as interested in home design as I am - and I live, sleep, eat, and breath interior design! - you'll want to know which areas of your own home or your clients' spaces are most in need of attention as respects feng shui. If you don't know what feng shui is, don't fear - it's not a cult or a fad diet that'll force you to give up chocolate. It's the eastern art of placement in order to maximize the chi or energy flow in any manmade space; its goal is to promote health and harmony. I'm certainly into health and harmony, and I've found that most professionally decorated homes that employ feng shui just feel good, and the choices make good common sense.

Ken Lauher is a NYC area feng shui practitioner and he's a former Wall Street broker. He helps his clients focus on three main impact areas when he does afeng shui consultation: the main entrance, the kitchen, and the bedroom. In the following video, Ken recommends some tips and solutions. By the way, that's Ken in action in the top photo, moving the furniture around to get the flow right for a client.