Feng Shui Advice on Timing

“Fall seven, rise eight” – Chinese proverb

Franca Giuliani - Sometimes when we do not achieve what we set out to do we consider it a failure. However, I think we forget one of the most important factors: timing! In feng shui, timing is very important. One of my teachers actually defines feng shui as “being in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing.” 

How do we know when is the right time to do what right thing? Well, this question has a full-body answer, and it's very specific to the individual. The only general advice I can give is to follow your gut. Our gut tries to tell us a lot, but I think sometimes we are too busy to listen. If something doesn’t work out the first time, think about trying again at a different time. Try listening to your gut to find out when.

Also keep in mind that we need a place where we can rest and recuperate from the world in order to be available to hear our gut. That place is our home, and it should give us comfort and support.

If you do not smile when you enter your home, find out why and change it.

Change the color of the wall, get rid of an annoying sofa or pillow, or whatever bothers you. If you can, buy that piece of furniture you have been dreaming about. It will help you construct a place of comfort where you can get in touch with your gut.

For the month of July, make sure you keep the North, North East, and East of your home well-organized and crisp. Just make sure not to renovate in the East.

Until next month - enjoy!



Franca Giuliani is a certified feng shui practitioner, energy clearer, and lecturer. She is a graduate of the Feng Shui Alliance School formerly in Edgewater, NJ. Franca also holds a BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and a continuing education certificate from NYU. She has studied and continues to study under world-renowned instructors in feng shui, astrology, and energy clearing. She has consulted and lectured within the New York and New Jersey areas, as well as in Italy and England. Franca offers feng shui consultations, astrology readings, energy clearing sessions and organizing services. Visit her web site for more information.