Su Lund: Veil of Truth

Everything Su Lund does is creative, and many times her work is steeped in things political and controversial. It all makes for a great dialogue, and Su loves how her work sparks conversations in the homes of those who collect her handmade, Sculptural Bookworks.

Su shares her latest found-object creation with Design2Share: Dream-Faith-Luck-Hope: Veil of Truth.

Su Lund, Sculptural Bookwork (1/1).  Plaster pillar, iron horse-shoe, wooden cross, U.S. dollars, Arabic text, acrylic head with collaged NY Stock Exchange reports, metal chains, found letters, antique crochet made by the artist's mother, French Tarot cards, wooden book, wood blocks, plastic soldier, nails, metal font, antique typewriter ruler and pigments.  19” x 9” x 9” (standing).   2009. 

Su talks about her latest work and its meaning: "Are we to believe the veil of truth covering up recent banking frauds, stock values, “religious wars”; or shall we just consult the Tarot for guidance?  This work is a reference to the Sinclair Lewis quote: 'When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.'"

Contact Su to learn more about this and her other Sculptural Bookwork:

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