Romare Bearden

A treasured, iconic African-American artist who was a master of collage and painting and excelled without any formal art training, Romare Bearden had an early training in medicine and gave up his studies, much to the chagrin of his well-known Harlem community activist mother.

Called "a successful self-taught artist," Bearden always contended that all artists are self-taught individuals and they continue to branch out into their own once they've had their formal training.

We had the honor and pleasure of interviewing a close friend of Romare Bearden, Russell L. Goings, a New Yorker who lives on the Upper West Side and who has a considerable collection of Bearden works. Goings new book The Children of Children Keep Coming is graced with images by Romare Bearden and tells the epic chronicle of the African-American experience in the United States.

Here is an interview conducted with Romare Bearden by Barbaralee Diamonstein in the Duke University Galleries; it will give you a good general background on his life, opinions, and work.

And here is Part 1 of Design2Share's special interview sequence with Russell Goings and his insights into this incredible artist's life and work.