Su Lund, Artist-Bookmaker

Su Lund -- Su Lund is a visual artist and bookmaker who creates assemblages combining painting, printmaking, and sculpture in lavish detail. Her finely-crafted pieces are multilayered, both literally and conceptually. Lund explores the endless possibilities of manipulating text and images to create exquisite messages. In Lund’s work, the found objects are to be read as text, and the artist sees them as a visual "language" equal to words.

Her fascination with ancient knowledge (including astrology, and numerology) sometimes merges with an interest in Dada and surrealist art, as well as popular culture to create expressions bridging the past and the present. Trained as a bookbinder, Lund’s work combines conceptual art and traditional bookmaking techniques and pushes them in new directions. Combining whatever materials are necessary to best express an idea, gives the artist "freedom of expression that no single medium can provide," she says.

For specific purchase information on Lund's works, see Joshua Heller Rare Books. The following photos are the cover and left and right interior shots of Su Lund's Star Nebula II (Marilyn) art book.




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