D2S Editor Favorites

Psychotic.  Favorite Way to Get Eye Strain


Art Basel 2008 is going on from June 4-8, the premiere global gathering around contemporary works of art. There's still time to hop a plane and get an eyeful.


A lot of work.  Favorite Book Everyone Should Read


Wake Up and Smell the Planet says it's the "Non-Pompous, Non-Preachy Guide to Greening Your Day," and it's from the Grist.org folks who know how to be funny, fast-paced, and give you good details and practical advice.


Can't write anything.  Favorite Reader Decor Suggestion


We've gotten several letters recently regarding the huge selection of antique Touareg mats at Nectar Imports of High Falls, NY. The mats are all hand-woven from palm fronds and camel leather in the amazing symmetrical patterns and designs of the North Saharan berber tribes. This is a very hot decor item right now -- and also check out their rugs and kilims!


Mowing the grass.  Favorite Green Decorating Ideas


Download the REGREEN guidelines from ASID and the U.S. Green Building Council. These case studies and guidelines will help brief both design professionals and homeowners on best practices for environmentally-sound home projects, from remodeling kitchens and adding on to your existing home to rehabbing and making back yard changes. You'll also get great materials and resources to help you.

For more homeowner resource information and a report card on ecolabelled products, check out Greener Choice by Consumer Reports.


New idea.  Favorite Way to Do a Wall


We're very taken with Modulararts and their sculptural walls. These cast rock panels interlock and make beautiful wall surfaces that turn walls into their own works of art.


Old hat.  Favorite Old-Time Reunion

outside front.jpg

Design2Share has a Pennsylvania office in Bucks County, in the small village of Point Pleasant. We recently had two children of the former owners of our acreage, Craig and Scott Chaney, stop by to say hello and take a tour of the house and its updates. Here's the odd coincidence: Scott Chaney is a noted interior design and home products photographer! Could there be some karma at work here?

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