D2S Editor Favorites

Bouncing a ball.  Favorite Olympics Building


The Birds Nest is the nickname for the National Stadium in Beijing, built for the upcoming Olympics. The Herzog + deMeuron building is an instant iconic building, and we admire the way the outer form is both decorative and extremely functional.


New idea.  Favorite Furniture Design Idea


Yes, it's a Picture Table, a frame that folds down into a table. Handy space saver from designer Verena Lang.


Can't write anything.  Favorite Reader Submission





We're wild about Santa Fe illustrator/designer Su Lund's book artistry. Her one-of-a-kind books slot on the wall and open up to reveal hidden treasures. The top two images are the exterior and interior of Su's All Andy, All the Time piece, soon on exhibition at New York's The Center for Book Arts (28 West 27 Street, 3rd Floor) from July 9 through September 13. The next images are the exterior and interior shots of Chance-Peace, represented by Joshua Heller Rare Books in Washington, DC. Thanks for sharing, Su!


Psychotic.  Favorite Crazy Home Decorating


When Richard Moriarty got tired of his $60,000 Lamborghini stalling out all the time, he took the engine out and turned it into a coffee table; then he had a huge crane lower the car through a skylight . . . to hang it on his wall. Is he starting a car art trend? Wouldn't you eventually get "tired" of it? <yuk, yuk>


I have no idea what this is.  Favorite House Pet House


We love the collapsable eCrate from designer Peter Prasilio. It comes in several metal finishes to fit in with any decor and is so much nicer than regular boxy crates.


Mowing the grass.  Favorite Green Idea


EcoLibris is the most refreshing business idea we've heard of in a long time. Join their movement and have a tree planted for every book you read, to help offset the felling of virgin timber to make the printed page. Reading without guilt; we love it!


Eating.  Favorite OMG Food


Vosges has a sinful delight on the market that we can't wait to try -- Mo's Bacon Bar, with pure milk chocolate, applewood smoked bacon, and alder wood smoked salt. What a combo!

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