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Being a chemist.  Favorite Celebration


Happy Memorial Day to all Design2Share readers! Fireworks.com is a trippy site with great graphics, real fireworks, and enough sparklers to light up any backyard celebration (local and state laws permitting, of course).


A lot of work.  Favorite Home Office Desk


We are in lust with VH1 product veep Chris Miller's Roger Sprunger rosewood and chrome desk from Dunbar Furniture. We're crazy about the way the drawer units hang down like saddlebags. [Photo by Stewart Shining for Domino]


Chef.  Favorite Kitchen Helpers


Speedcook technology, available in a number of ovens, smartly cooks, broils, and grills foods by computer program; identify what you're cooking and its weight and the Speedcook system does all the work . . . in a quarter of the time of conventional ovens. Pictured above is the GE Monogram wall oven with Advantium Speedcook technology.


The conventional kitchen countertop is set at about 36 inches; countertops are about 1.5 inches thick; most dishwashers are slightly adjustable at around 34.5 inches in height. The Smeg Fully Integrated Horizontal 36" Dishwasher (see above) scrunches the height down to 21 inches and makes the unit wider instead. It's perfect for smaller kitchens or for enabling countertops and islands to be built lower. Short people of the world, rejoice!


Can't write anything.  Favorite Sharings from Our Readers


D2S readers Gordon and Mustafa are moving into a new home in Pennsylvania shortly; here it is -- a beautiful home done in the vernacular Pennsylvania stone house style, with a most wonderful yard. We love the charm of the meandering sidewalk! 

You can easily upload your house and garden photos to share with the D2S community, too! Go to our Share Photos & Articles with Us feature right now.


D2S reader and national feng-shui author DeAnna Radaj would like everyone to know about her 3E Sleep line of all-natural laundry products (pictured above), designed to clean your bed linens in a healthy and eco-friendly way. We're all for that, DeAnna, and thanks for sharing!


Old hat.  Favorite Old Rugs


You can find some beautiful antique rugs, kilims, and textiles at Double Knot, at 13 White Street in New York. We were blown away by some of their offerings displayed at the Spring International Art & Antiques Show at the Park Avenue Armory.


Matrix.  Favorite Kick-Ass Glass




Sometimes staid Steuben Glass can get gutsy, and we love their elegant bowls and centerpieces. Shown above: Wave Bowl, Calyx Bowl, and Blossom Centerpiece.

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