D2S Editor Favs: Week of January 14, 2008

Being a chemist.  Favorite Mind-Blowing Seating


We've been listening too much this week to our Austin Powers movie soundtrack because the Animi Causa Feel seating system struck us as being "really groovy, baby!" 120 soft fabric-covered balls can be folded and arranged to make multiple seating arrangements.


Dying from the heat.  Favorite Hot Wallcovering




A Cape Town native, German designer Mary-Ann Williams uses felt in the most creative ways, from fashion to amazing wall covering. Tip: felt rugs and/or wallcovering create beautiful acoustic properties in any room.


New idea.  Favorite Green Design


D2S visitors know we love green design. The world needs more green innovation, and we recommend one of these beauties for every home. After viewing the sobering documentary Who Killed the Electric Car?, we explored the new electric car from Tesla Motors. Stunning in every way. The future is here.


Psychotic.  Favorite Crazy Makeover


We're crazy about The Steampunk Workshop and how they took an ordinary Dell monitor and keyboard and turned them into funky old-fashioned desktop oddities. Go to their website to see their fascinating step-by-step modification process.


Old hat.  Favorite Antique


This Andrea Dubreuil Spine Chair confirms to us that the 1980s was sheer madness for furniture design -- but we can't stop looking at it, like any other train wreck.


Mowing the grass.  Favorite Gardens




Lucy Summers and Mark Lockhart joined forces in UK's Open Garden Company. Beautiful attention to detail.


Eating.  Favorite Food


Would you pay the asking price of $1,000 for Serendipity 3's Gold Opulence Sundae? You betcha!


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