D2S Editor Favs: Week of January 7, 2008

Can't write anything.  Favorite Place to Sit & Work


Julian Chichester's mod take on the 19th century Library Chair is available in both polished fruitwood and drama-queen silverleaf finish.


Psychotic.  Favorite Way to Hide the Boob Tube


The VisionArt people are serious about hiding your flat-screen television. Create a custom picture frame, select artwork (many are signed-by-the-artist limited editions), and use your TV remote control to turn your set on and off as you always do -- only your canvas-based artwork automatically rolls up and away for tube viewing and rolls back down to conceal your screen when you switch off.


Relieved.  Favorite Video


Charity Navigator put out a holiday gift-giving video on YouTube and their website, and it gives good ideas for charitable giving in the New Year. This website has excellent four-star scale ratings of over 5,000 charities and takes charities to task over efficiency (how much money they raise is really spent on the charitable purpose). Also, check out their list of Highest and Lowest-Rated Charities by Cause.


I have no idea what this is.  Favorite House Pet


The Pfaltzgraff Circle of Kindness Cashel Blue Cow is a metal cow on wheels. Go figure! We think it will be perfect for holding spring flowers, don't you?


New idea.  Favorite Home Toy


Motorizing your window treatments can add some glitz and sizzle to any room and start you turning the corner to having a Smart or Wired Home. Need a basic article to help you get started thinking if motorized window treatments can work in your house -- and how they will benefit you? Here's one from Home Toys that we liked a lot.


Chef.  Favorite Kitchen


The Sheer Spherical Kitchen is a trip. This little bubble packs all the essential needed in any kitchen, from ceramic cooktop and sink to a pull-out table and cutlery storage. The hood/lighting top lifts up by remote control and lowers at the touch of  a button. When closed, it emits a groovy ambient light. Fun concept.


Dying from the heat.  Favorite Hot Classic Design


Belgian architect Victor Horta created the Hotel Tassel in  Brussels, an 1892 jewelbox hailed as the first architectural expression of Art Nouveau. Its tendril-like ironwork, both decorative and structurally important, became part of the nouveau vernacular; the term "Horta Line" was used to describe rich swirling lines.


Being a chemist.  Favorite Explosive House




Hanrahan Meyers Architects developed a prefab house for clients in Easton, Pennsylvania. Its open form allows spectacular views of the Delaware River Valley, and we love the up-on-stilts design.

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