Fleas Forever

Jay Johnson -- Summer days are perfect for yard sales. You may call them garage sales or tag sales where you live. Basically they're ways for neighbors to get together and clean house. The kids' old toys and games and outgrown clothes are recycled, and your trash becomes someone else's treasure.

Flea markets are popular during the summer, too. In year-round warm climes, these are going concerns year-round. The Internet, and particularly eBay, have taken a bite out of flea markets. Sixty-three percent of Americans will buy something online this year, spending over $79 billion. Reports say that many of the trashy treasures and unexpected bargains that people used to love are rarities in today's "fleas." They've become places to buy cheap, new merchandise like plastic toys, tube socks, and kitchen spices.

yard-sale-sign-with-house.jpgBut the National Flea Market Association says that fleas are more popular than ever, and good furniture and used items still abound. They're likely to crop up, with an astounding 2.25 million vendors selling $30 billion in merchandise each year in this country!

Fleas are also sometimes found on dogs, and this not-very- subtle segue is something you might protest. (How ham-fisted that guy can be!) But let me explain. One of our wonderful neighbors in the country, Joyce, runs a home-based business called Just A Dogs Adventure Bed & Bonefest. It's a dog and puppy boarding service, and I can't recommend it highyl enough (FYI: it's in Bucks County under a New Hope phone listing). My daughter Meredith's fraidy-cat dog Sammy, a stray who wound up on Mer's doorstep one rainy evening, was boarded regularly at Joyce's home, and he found love and attention in her special care.

In the over 200 home videos contained in my Design2Share Video Diary on YouTube, you will see examples where I have taken my video camera -- a sturdy palm-sized Radio Shack $99 camtastic special -- and visited with my wonderful neighbors in their home settings. This week's Video Diary takes you to the Best Puppy House Ever, and here's where I tie in my flea theme. Joyce's flea and yard sale finds decorate her amazing accommodations for dogs. You will see an avid recycler in action.

My neighbor finds valuable treasures in flea markets and yard sales, and she adds her heart of gold to give lonely pups a lovely, welcoming place to board. Joyce, you can adopt me any day!

Tell me about your favorite flea market and yard sale finds. Please add a post . . . .



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