Jay Johnson -- Those of us who live in New York like to follow famous New Yorkers' comings and goings with arch good humor. We laugh at ourselves for being jaded about the celebrity of others, yet keen to stargaze. I once followed George Hamilton closely for a block up Third Avenue and through a revolving door because (a) I couldn't believe how tall he was in real life and (b) his tanned skin tone was amazing.

I would not follow Donald Trump down the street, but then again I might find that (a) he is incredibly tall in real life and (b) his wheat field hairdo is fascinating. Kidding aside, The Donald is an icon, and I would probably get an adrenalin jolt if I did bump into him. And why would I be interested?

trumpinbed.jpgIt's would not be because I watch The [Aging] Apprentice on NBC. I don't watch this show. I'm not drawn to fawn over tycoons. My interest would be purely design related. Mr. Trump has a new furniture collection at Macy's and independent stores around the U.S. There are two furniture lines: traditionally tailored Westchester and the sleeker Central Park. All items are copies of (official marketing speak would be: inspired by) furniture in Trump's five homes and business properties. One example: a favorite sofa from his Mar-a-Lago $42 million Palm Beach estate. "The furniture is extraordinarily opulent and large, like the house," said Mr. Trump in a recent interview for his new line. He dives deeply into adjectives whenever he talks about his wares.

Trump claims to like the value, look, and feel of the lesser expensive furniture in his new collection. He claims to like some of the pieces better than their more expensive counterparts in his homes. "I wish I could get a bargain like this," he told reporters. Somehow I'm not buying either that line or his furniture line.

Our New York City apartment falls somewhere in between The Donald's furniture line and Mar-a-Lago. It's beautiful (we've been told), it was featured in The New York Times in a splashy House & Home section article, published in South Africa's Style magazine, and is now the subject of one of my home videos. It is devoid, however, of Trump furniture, Trump vodka, or Trump shirts and ties.

In the over 200 home videos contained in my Design2Share Video Diary on YouTube, you will see examples where I have taken my video camera -- a sturdy palm-sized Radio Shack $99 camtastic special -- and lovingly explored our Trumpless apartment. I invite you to watch Our NYC Apartment Living Room and you will find a source of pride and why we love coming home after work.  

I wonder if The Donald would find any inspiration for furniture knock-offs if this were one of his properties. "I love those club chairs," he would chirp. "I'm going to TRUMP them!"

Tell me about your living room. What makes it special to you? Add a post . . . .



Photo Credit: The New York Times


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