Celebrating Cape Town, World Cup 2010 & African Style

Irwin Weiner ASID - I'm a native Cape Townian and love my South African hometown. I was recently there visiting my family and was able to bring back some photos and resources which I'll share with you concerning what can only be called African Style. Stay tuned for more in the coming week or two.

In the meantime, we salute Cape Town and South Africa for its hosting of the 2010 World Cup. Many new stadiums and civic projects have been undertaken in a tremendous movement of architectural and civic pride that is matching the world's enthusiasm for soccer. The photo above, taken by Bruce Sutherland, shows the amazing panorama of Cape Town, oceans, and mountains surrounding their new soccer stadium. Enjoy this video from our friends at Cape Town Tourism, and my hope is that you will visit my beloved home town and enjoy its many sights and world-class design destinations, from the new soccer stadium and Cape Dutch buildings to the countless home goods and design stores, museums, and art galleries.

Jay JohnsonComment