It's Cherry Blossom Viewing Time

April is National Garden Month. We've been enjoying hot-hot early April weather here in the Northeastern United States, and that's been pushing forward much of this country's prime cherry blossom viewing. Every fall we flock to wooded areas to watch the blaze of autumn leaves, tracking peak color viewing times, and it's the same in spring for cherry blossoms. Each type of cherry tree boasts its own blossom show, fragrance, and beauty.

Japan (see photo above of a gorgeous cherry tree in front of the Ninnaji Temple in Kyoto) is world-famous for its cherry blossoms. keeps a close tab of the viewing season, which ranges from March 22nd in Tokyo to May 16 in Sapporo. As the altitudes climb, the peak viewing is delayed by days or weeks. Click here for Japan's cherry blossom viewing news and forecasts.

Washington, DC is host each year to the National Cherry Blossom Festival, running from March 27 through April 11, so there's still time to rush on over to the nation's capital to view the show. The famous DC trees, planted around the Tidal Basin, were a gift from Japan (of course) in 1912, and we've been enjoying their showy blossoms every spring since their original plantings. Click here for information on the National Cherry Blossom Festival. 


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Jay JohnsonComment