Dracula's Castle

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Where are we going?

Bran Castle, originally built around 1212 as a military stronghold for the Teutonic Knights, was probably never occupied by Romanian prince Vlad Tepes ("the Impaler," 1431-1476), but the Dracula legend has placed him as an occupant and this is billed as "Dracula's Castle." Vlad was the inspiration for Count Dracula in the Bram Stoker novel. He had a way of mounting captured enemy soldiers and impaling them on stakes. He even dined in front of his slowing-dying victims, no doubt inspiring a legendary thirst for human flesh and blood.

What's to see?

The castle is open to tourists and there are guided tours of the rooms and the park surrounding the castle, with a display of Romanian peasant houses. Traditional Romanian furniture and crafts are on display in the castle.


Brasov, Romania in the souteastern part of the state of Transylvania

Dracula's Castle Sampler

Vlad Tepes ("the Impaler"), the historical figure who inspired the Dracula legend

In this evening view of Bran Castle, it's easy to conjure up images of Count Dracula and sinister deeds.

 The courtyard inside Bran Castle

 Bran Castle's external walls shows great craftsmanship and recall its earlier use as a strong military fortification.

A great room in Bran Castle

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