American Colossus Structures

What's a Trippy?

It's a short visual trip to places of architectural or design importance.


Where are we going?

We're going all around the U.S. on a road trip to find the "world's largest" statues. Sources of great civic pride, these so-called modern American Colossus structures provide tourist roadside attractions and outdoor advertising for localities.


What's to see?

Giant turkeys, huge boots, gargantuan concrete strawberries and other bigger-than-life constructions. If there's a source of local pride -- like the Haines Show House (pictured above) in Hellam, PA -- then chances are they're in the form of an American Colossus.



American Colossus Sampler


Say hello to Big Tom, the World's Largest Turkey in America's Turkey Capital of Frazee, MN.

Strawberry Point, IA boasts the world's largest concrete strawberry.

The world's largest buffalo is "grazing" in Jamestown, ND.

Canada boasts the World's Largest Dinosaur, this T-Rex in Drumheller. Canada is home to many huge roadside attractions, which destroys our theory that Americans are the only country infected by this "world's biggest" mania.

Little Chester, WV is home to the World's Largest Teapot.

In La Crosse, WI you can find the World's Largest Six Pack, containing 688,200 gallons of beer. That's some kegger!

The World's Largest Tire is in Allen Park, MI, but it started out its life as the Ferris wheel in the 1964-65 New York World's Fair.

The World's Largest Cuckoo Clock is in Wilmot, OH and it is a cheese factory and Swiss-themed restaurant, rolled into one mother of a clock.

Last, but not least, is the 7-story-tall World's Largest Basket, a basket-making office headquarters in Newark, OH.


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