Cake Toppers Are Getting Creative!

Caroline Wolfe Papocchia - In the world of weddings there are a million details to consider, but few so small and precious as the wedding cake topper. Popular since the 1950s as a symbol of togetherness, most cake toppers figuratively represent the couple. Lovebirds in an ornate nest or smiling, upright brides and grooms are the most traditional styles.

As with many wedding details, however, the cake topper has been appropriated by couples wishing to personalize their wedding. These days the options are nearly endless, but two unique styles recently caught our eye.

Day of the Dead cake toppers, realized in skull or skeleton form, are a deliciously macabre way to enhance any tower of tiers. These colorful and detailed pieces don't require a themed event or cake; in fact, they would pop on simple white buttercream or fondant.

Day of the Dead cake topper by DNA Creations

Day of the Dead Red Skulls cake topper by Sweetie Cake Toppers

Mexican Day of the Dead cowboys by Sweetie Cake Toppers

Porcelain animal cake toppers are another irresistible trend. The Aesop's Fables-inspired whimsy of these pieces is pulled out of childishness by the plain white porcelain finish, resulting in a topper that is sweet and elegant.

Four Footed Fete Cake Topper from BHLDN

Deer cake topper by MelaboWed

Wolf and Giraffe cake topper by MelaboWed

The wedding cake topper may be a small detail, but it's also a creative opportunity. Inspired by the ghoulish motifs and colors of the Day of the Dead and fanciful anthropomorphic creatures, these toppers are sure to delight couples and guests alike.


This article was reprinted with permission of the Sheffield School. Are you interested in planning weddings and sourcing delightful details like these cake toppers? The Sheffield Wedding & Event Planning course teaches everything you need to know to orchestrate a memorable event, from creating a guest list, to hiring vendors, to creating a beautiful wedding design.