Christmas Decorating Trends We're Loving

Go Scandinavian: Red & White

Jay Johnson - Those who read our holiday decorating posts know that we're not big into going "whole hog" when it comes to decorating. We're not anti-festive by any means, but we believe you can cross the line from decking the halls to kitsching-up your home. Touches of color, strong themes carried out in a room, and a dollop of good taste will get you through the holidays.

Geek Wreaths: High-Tech Recycling

If you use our Search Bar - located at the top right corner of any of our pages - plug in terms like "holiday decorating" or "holiday tabletop" or "ornaments" or other items you might be looking for and check out our timeless holiday decorating posts from years past ... great for ideas. In the meantime, click on the photos in this post to learn more about holiday decorating trends our editors have spotting and admired this year. Happy Holidays!

Mantelpiece Fantasies: Focal PointUnder Glass: Tabletop Scenes

Unusual Color Palette: Big Scale ImpactMinimalist Crafts: Warm Handmade TouchesBe Creative: Resuse Everyday Objects