Hand-Painted Touches Add Extra Impact

We often speak about the challenges of interior decorating, hoping that your home will break out of the rank and file that succumb to machine-made, mass-produced furnishings. Don't try to turn your space into a hotel or a catalog showroom. Add some hand-painted touches to add personality to a wall or piece of furniture.

Nicki Coddington was born and raised in the English countryside–a main influence for her work today. She attended art school in London, studying display and exhibition design and painting. After launching her career in London as a display designer, graphic artist and painter, Nicki emigrated to New York in the early 1990s. There, she established her own bespoke painting business, producing unique pieces and interiors for corporate, retail, and private clients on both sides of the Atlantic. Nicki currently lives on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Stand apart from the crowd with hand-painted, bespoke-design walls, furniture, and room accessories. Nicki will custom design a concept for your home, office, or business. Here are a few creations from several of the collections featured in the Bespoke Hand Painting online boutique.
Arboretum - White Birch Blanket Box (top photo) - Starkly elegant columns of wintertime birch trees are transformed into a minimal yet beautiful depiction of nature using layers of acrylic washes and glazes which create texture and depth.

Arboretum - Red Birch Desk Set (Magazine holder, file tray, desk organizer) - Nikki's elegant, minimal washes and glazes are applied here to transform a desk into a natural, elegant work space.

Gossamer Mirror - Fanciful fairies dance through wild flowers of the countryside, celebrating nature in all its glory.

Posy Rocking Chair - Ever-so-pretty miniature roses and bold stripes collaborate beautifully with squiggles, swirls, pointillist dots, and distressed brushstrokes.

Bagheera Coat Rack - Sleek leopard print combined with bronze and rich red accents, roars with sophistication and modern glamour.

Flutter Toy Chest - Whimsical ladybugs, butterflies, and bumblebees buzz around the sky while below, caterpillars, crickets and beetles scurry in the spring sunshine.

Hothouse - Circular Tray (Bronze) - Utterly sophisticated orchids combine with waves of ribbon and polka dots in metallic hues for sleek styling and ultra-sharp design.

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