Floral Bedroom Accents

Jessica Ackerman - Floral decor has been popular for decades, and it's no wonder why. Floral bedroom decor is elegant and romantic, and bringing the beauty of nature indoors is a way to keep it alive and blooming all year long. Floral decor adds a touch of femininity to a bedroom, and when not overdone, it adds a great deal of style. Add too many floral-themed items and the bedroom will look cluttered and busy. Your eyes will not know where to focus first, and what was intended to impress will create disorder and confusion. Consider the following ideas for decorating using floral decor, and add elegant style and matchless beauty to your personal bedroom retreat.

Wall Color

A bedroom covered with flowers and foliage is not nearly as impressive as a bedroom with floral accents. Instead of selecting floral wallpaper, take an accent color from a bedroom accessory. For example, take a look at your favorite floral pillows and select a single accent color. If the color you prefer is too deep for walls, select a lighter shade of that hue. These days many paint retailers are happy to match colors, and the colors they match are incredibly accurate. Also, don't be afraid to coordinate opposite colors when decorating an elegant bedroom with a floral theme. Sea foam green walls look outstanding with pink or lilac floral accents. Select your favorite bloom colors and incorporate them into the bedroom decorating theme. Your bedroom walls will become a palette for displaying impressive works of wall art, floral arrangements, and much more.  

Canvas Wall Art

If you're unsure what to hang on a large bare wall in a bedroom, instead of hanging several smaller items, consider canvas wall art. The most current styles of canvas wall art are unframed, and this makes even the largest pieces very affordable. The sides of stretched canvases are painted, making them look sleek and exceptionally stylish. Select a large work of canvas wall art that displays a single elegant flower in a predominant bedroom color. It will make a dramatic impact in the bedroom while enhancing existing floral decor.   

Floral Arrangements and Art

Three-dimensional flower arrangements are a must when decorating a bedroom with elegant floral style. Find a location to hang a large work of canvas wall art and hang or place a shelf one or two feet beneath the display. Choose a stylish clear or iridescent glass vase, and fill the base with translucent marbles. Arrange real or great-quality faux flowers of the same color and variety as the flower portrayed in the work of art along with one other variety such as baby‘s breath or miniature carnations. Place the arrangement on a shelf beneath the canvas wall art along with a pair of elegant candle sconces that include floral-scented candles (if you want to add scent to your decor; if not, go with unscented tapers). This decorating technique will draw more attention to the work of art by providing a three-dimensional view, and when the candles are lit, they'll create romantic ambience while adding a delightful fragrance to the bedroom.   

Bed Canopy

You don't need a bed with a canopy frame to have an elegant canopy bed. Any bed can be transformed into a romantic, welcoming canopy bed. Select a swing-arm curtain rod with a stylish finial, and select a long swag valance in a color that matches the bedroom. In addition, choose silk flowers that match existing floral displays in the bedroom. Center the swing-arm curtain rod on the wall over the head of the bed, and center the valance over the rod. Attach small safety pins to the backs of the silk flower blooms, and attach the flower pins to the valance just below the rod to keep the fabric in place. Do this on both sides to keep the pins from showing. Arrange the fabric on both sides of the head of the bed for an elegant floral canopy that will make any bed look lavish and exceptionally inviting.


As noted earlier, a bedroom with too many flower patterns is not as impressive as a bedroom with a few well-chosen accents. Select solid-colored bedding, and highlight the bedding with accent pillows. Select comfy floral throw pillows of various shapes and sizes, and to make them more elegant, you can hand-sew layers of lace around the edges. Ordinary floral pillows can be transformed into extraordinary accessories with the addition of lace, and if you can thread a needle you can create elegant, inexpensive bedroom pillows that are sure to impress.

Window Treatments

Window treatments frame our view of the outside world, and no matter what the vista, window treatments should highlight that the view while providing sufficient light control. They should also look stylish, especially when decorating your bedroom with a floral theme. To make the greatest impact, select room-darkening blinds or shades and window treatments that will add beauty, functionality, and style. Consider selecting sheer panels in a color of your choice as well as a matching three-piece tailored straight-edged or a romantic scalloped valance for each window. Order the panels approximately eighteen inches longer than necessary to create a graceful pooling of fabric on the floor. This will create an elegant and timeless "designer look."  

Wall Planters

Vases and baskets aren't the only methods of displaying beautiful floral arrangements. Wall planters add dimension to bedroom walls and provide a creative and stylish way to display foliage and flowers. Select a pair of wall planters for your floral-themed bedroom, and mount them on both sides of a work of art or on both sides of a window. Fill the base with floral foam, and add faux flowers that match the design of the bedroom - or if you're willing to go the extra mile for upkeep, use pots of real flowers and switch them out when they start to look a bit tired. These planets will add a beautiful finishing touch.

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