Should We Get a Home Energy Audit?


Winter's coming, the weather's getting colder, and already we're feeling drafts coming from around our windowsills and outer doors. My neighbor suggested we get a home energy audit. What do you think? (Armon from Urbana, IL)




Thanks for your question, Armon. We went to our friends at casaGURU, Canada's home remodeling experts, and this video talks about home energy audits with Kai Milliard of Green Communities Canada and offers some tips for working with a home energy advisor. If you have a home energy audit, make sure it's conducted by a licensed and reputable firm; check out local contractors online at a service like Angie's List or CasaGURU. A good audit could help you save money in the short and long run. Also look into the Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency and any energy rebates and incentives offered by your community and state. An energy audit can often be a great first step towards making your home greener and more energy (and cost) efficient. Here's a helpful video from Planet on how an energy audit works in a home.