How Can I Hide the Thermostat Box in My Living Room?


I hate staring at a thermostat box in my beautifully redecorated living room. It's unsightly and looks like a big pimple on the wall. Please help me with an alternative! (Marcia from Juneau, AL)




Marcia, we feel your pain. The last thing you want after spending money on an updated decor is to see a chunk of technology hanging on your wall. Read on because we think we have your solution.



In the past, homeowners have had to put up with staring at unsightly thermostat boxes mounted on the wall. The boxes contain controls that allow you to adjust the heating or cooling of a room. An internal thermostat takes the temperature in the room and turns the systems on or off, keeping your indoor climate just right.

Flush-mount remote temperature sensors are now making those ugly, interior-design-wrecking thermostat boxes a thing of the past. On the surface, these are flat metal disks that you flush-mount into drywall or any other wall surface. Add them to key rooms of your house, and paint them to match your wall cover or even hang pictures over them. They'll allow you to install the master thermostat box hidden away somewhere, like in a closet, utility room, or at the top of your basement stairs.

We shot a short video clip of Irwin Weiner ASID showing these remote temperature sensors in action. Marcia, good luck eliminating that "pimple" from your living room wall!

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