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Hot Lighting Solutions for Spring

Stinger Lamp; Rock Pendant Lights from Jamie Harris StudioJanet Ramin - As a designer, I’ve been lucky to see many beautiful, uniquely-designed furnishings, but I have always had a special partiality to light fixtures, especially hand-made blown glass lights. Maybe it’s the sparkle; maybe it was that memorable trip to a glass blowing factory in Venice; or maybe I just hate the dark. But I always gravitate first to the lights at any show or store. 

At this year’s Architectural Digest Home Design Show, there were several impressive designs of light fixtures. Above are the pendant lights from Jamie Harris Studio. The narrow, tapering light is called the Stinger Pendant and the bubble shaped-ones are called the Rock Pendants

Droplets, courtesy of Moshe BursukerGlass artist, Moshe Bursuker, started with sculptures of blown and cast glass and then incorporated his designs into platters and tiles. He branched out to creating jewel-like pendant lights called Droplets, reminiscent of Moroccan hanging lamps.

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