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Upside-Down Planters

File under wacky ideas we love: the Boskke Sky Planter, designed by Patrick Morris, which comes to us from green land of New Zealand. If you live in an apartment where space is at a premium, or if you have pesky cats who think of potted plants as salad, or if you just want a refreshing way to add some green life to your home, look no further.

Boskke Sky Planter

In fact, just look up. Don’t worry - a locking disc holds the plant and soil in the pot, and an internal irrigation system waters the roots directly, so you can add a bit of greenery to your home's design without being limited to the lower reaches.

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Heir Transparent

Forbes & Lomax, London, has now introduced its product range to North America, and it's a welcome addition to the range of fittings we can use in higher-end design projects. Switchplates and outlets can oftentimes be eyesores, but F&L were inspired by the glass and brass switchplates from the Thirties and brought them back into production. Their "invisible" product range allows the beauty of paint and wallcoverings to shine through while keeping switches and outlets unobtrusive and elegant. Their other fixtures add elegant metal solutions like stainless steel, nickel silver, and antique bronze. Click on the photos for more information.



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