Review of Mikaela Dorfel's Double Candleholders from Menu

Menu is known as an originator of Scandinavian lifestyle product designs. Creative Danes in Encinatas, CA has brought the Menu product line to North America and introduced Mikaela Dorfel's dramatic Double Candleholder XL to the trade audiences attending the New York International Gift Fair in January. We were intrigued that their successful Double Candleholder, stainless steel intertwining candelabra standing at a height of 12.6 inches, had been supersized to the XL height and heftier stainless steel mass at 25.6 inches.

  • Part of Menu's Living - Atmosphere product line
  • Menu's product literature tells of Dorfel's design inspiration for the pieces: dance. There is a sculptural movement quality to the two candle holders and when placed together, "they seem to unite in a dancing embracement."
  • The Double Candleholders have masculine, substantial bases and candle holders, while their bodies are sensual, thin, and more feminine.
  • Menu suggests the Double Candleholders as wedding gifts - there's that strong masculine/feminine symbolism.

Design2Share's Verdict: Says our lead product reviewer, Irwin Weiner ASID, "A picture does absolutely no justice whatsoever to the breathtaking form of these candleholders." He calls them "the most impressive modern candleabra I've ever seen - and in our business, we see them all." The Design2Share team admires the way the original Double Candleholder is proportioned to hold tapers while the new 2010 Double Candleholder XL was created to hold larger pillar candles. The Double is ideal for tabletop, centerpieces, candlelight dinners, or anywhere in the home requiring a dramatic accent piece. When not in use, candles ablaze, it's an instant piece of sculpture. The XL can be placed on the floor and used as a sculptural accent piece. "I saw the XL on a tabletop at the Gift Fair and was blown away," recalls Irwin. "The drama and sheer scale of the piece is amazing, and I'd use this on the table - larger than life - and create a dramatic centerpiece or striking center hall table statement in a foyer or entry hall."

Jay JohnsonComment