InkDish: Tattoo Art Makes Big Splash on Dinnerware

There's usually a time in your life when you're buying dinnerware, and many people - a vast percentage - purchase plain white plates, side plates, bowls, and cups. "White goes with anything," you rationalize. But today's decorating trends call for bolder, stronger uses of color in paint, flooring, furnishings, and accent pieces. Tabletop is leading the bold color charge with the new InkDish line of dinnerware.

  • Paul Timman from Sunset Strip Tattoo, tattoo artist to the stars, brings his talent and training in Asian art styles to add amplified impact to plain white dinnerware.
  • InkDish has released three lines from Paul Timman: the start black and white Tribal Lines (inspired by traditional Borneo tattoos and other Asian tattoo cultures; see top photo at bottom), Irezumi (classic blue-on-white tattoo art inspired by Japanese dragons and koi; see bottom photo), and Cherry Ink (beautiful cherry blossoms - see photo above).
  • Each place setting features a dinner plate, side salad/dessert plate, bowl, and mug. The mug has become the perfect American dinnerware staple now, replacing the more British cup and saucer; mugs are much more practical for hot and cold drinks and are great for casual family meals.
  • InkDish pieces are Grade A porcelain, but with the benefit of being safe for the microwave and dishwasher. As we see it, that's practicality married to elegance, and that's another trend for today's decor pieces: everything has to be made for a comfortable and busy family lifestyle.

Here's a great video on the Sunset Strip Tattoo, featuring some interviews with Paul Timman.