Introducing Bondera TileMatSet

Design2Share editors see new home products every day, and in this showcase, we'll introduce some of the best that come our way. We recently found a fun and practical product that makes quick work of tiling vertical wall surfaces, from kitchen backsplashes to bathroom walls.

Bondera TileMatSet is an advanced pressure-sensitive adhesive on a roll that provides an innovative way to install tile, making it faster, easier and cleaner than traditional methods such as mortar or mastic.  Bondera is self-adhesive, repels water, is mold-resistant and is environmentally friendly. 

Bondera makes it easy for anyone to add the beauty and durability of tile to kitchen walls, backsplashes and countertops; bathroom walls and countertops; tub and shower surrounds; and other horizontal or vertical interior spaces.  Bondera is perfect for tile repairs, decorative columns, niche detail areas, metal surfaces and more.

Bondera makes tiling easy.  Simply remove the plastic liner on the back using the handy pull tabs provided and press Bondera to the surface to be tiled.  Then peel back the top release liner and press your tiles into place.  Bondera’s tested bond strength will aggressively adhere to the tile.  Once all tiles are in place, grout, wipe, clean and enjoy!

Even if you’ve never tiled before, Bondera makes it easy for you to turn out professional-looking results that add style and value to your home.  The technical requirements and the mess of using traditional tile adhesives such as mortar or mastic are eliminated with Bondera. 

Bondera TileMatSet for Walls is designed specifically for vertical applications only.  One 12-inch roll covers 10 square feet and is limited to 6 x 6 inch tiles or less.  Bondera TileMatSet for Countertops is specified for horizontal surfaces only.  One 16-inch roll covers 10 square feet with no limitation on tile size.

Bondera Vertical Detail TileMatSet is identical to the Bondera Wall TileMatSet but comes in a convenient 4-inch width to manage smaller areas with less waste and is limited to 6 x 6 inch tiles or less. The Detail TileMatSet can be used for smaller details such as around kitchen backsplashes, the front edge of a countertop or other vertical wall areas.

Bondera Wet Area Seam Tape is a two-inch, double-sided adhesive that creates a waterproof bond and barrier when used with Bondera Wall, Detail and Countertop TileMatSet.  It should be used in water sensitive areas such as bathroom walls, countertops, showers, tub surrounds and bathtubs.

All Bondera TileMatSet products are available exclusively at select Lowe’s stores throughout the New England area.  For a complete listing of Lowe’s stores where Bondera is available, visit the Bondera website.

Do homeowners want to save money nowadays? Absolutely! Tiling is now a DIY project with Bondera, making the overall cost of your tiling project significantly less expensive—up to 40% vs. hiring a contractor.  Also, traditional countertop tile installation that requires that the existing counter be removed and a new substrate built can be expensive.  Bondera will bond to surfaces such as drywall, plywood, cement board, existing tile, metal, laminate, Corian® and Formica™, and you can apply the tile and grout immediately - no waiting for mastic or mortar to set.

No special tools are needed to tile with Bondera TileMatSet–all you need are a few common items: 
 •   Tile
 •   Tile spacers
 •   A straight edge/framing square
 •   A level
 •   A utility knife
 •   A permanent marker

Bondera can be applied to any clean, flat, level surface including drywall, plywood, cement board, existing tile, metal, laminate, Corian® and Formica™.  Bondera will adhere to any surface as long as it is oil free and dust free.  You must wipe the surface clean and towel dry before applying Bondera.

You can begin tiling as soon as Bondera TileMatSet is installed.  Before tiling a project such as a backsplash, countertop or wall, the manufacturer recommends that you plan the layout of tiles carefully by “pre-laying” several tiles on top of Bondera (with top liner on) and find the locations where cuts will be needed and how best to balance equal size tiles, especially for each end section of wall or countertop.  Pre-laying tile is critical to a well-thought-out tile pattern that will exceed your expectations.

Unlike mastic or mortars, you can adjust or remove tiles from Bondera during the tile project, but know the bond strength of Bondera to the tile will increase with time.  Tiles will be more difficult to adjust or remove the longer they are in place and in contact with Bondera. You will not be able to adjust or remove tiles after more than few hours or once the grout is applied.   For full details and proper instructions on how to adjust or remove tiles, review the “how-to” instructions on the Bondera website.

Bondera Tile Style GiveAway: Through October, there will be drawings to give away free Lowe's gift cards and Bondera tile sets. Details are on the Bondera Facebook page.

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