Martha Stewart Halloween Decorations for Grandinroad

You know that we're a bit snobbish when it comes to style. Halloween is the time of year when every horrible craft idea jumps out to scare all homeowners with good taste. We've seen every idea around, from painted witch's broomsticks and dayglo paint on mirrors to pillowcases with ghost faces hung over chair backs. Martha Stewart to the rescue!

Grandinroad has created a nifty, higher-end Halloween Haven shopping center and Martha Stewart for Grandinroad, and they're filled with creative and stylish ways to decorate your home (if you must!) for Halloween. Even we bah-humbug stylistas could give in to the urge to trick out our pads for the holidays if we had the help of Martha Stewart's Glittered Elegance, Perfect Parties, Spooky Silhouettes, and Eerie Illumination decor for Grandinroad. You can also enjoy Halloween idea videos from Martha's TV show. And Grandinroad has some indoor and outdoor decor (non-Martha) to help spruce up any home for Halloween.

Leave it to Martha Stewart for Grandinroad to put us in the Halloween spirit.


For more info: Visit Halloween Haven at the Grandinroad website for holiday and party decor, like the Martha Stewart Glittered Halloween Chandeliers (see photo above) or the Martha Stewart Black Stacked Halloween Pumpkins (in the photo below).

Jay JohnsonComment