The "I Hate to Iron" Rant

Anonymous UK Homemaker - This Design2Share column is supposed to be all about luxury, but I've decided - in all my anonymity - to complain about my worst chore. Call this my anti-luxury rant, even though I tried to find the most luxurious photo to go with the subject (see above). If there's one household item that I have an aversion to, it's definitely the iron: I spend an awful lot of time making sure that I dry things flat or on hangers so that I can get away without ironing them. When clothes shopping, I always consider things on the basis of how much ironing they will or won’t need, and my husband has instructions only to purchase work shirts declaring themselves happily non-iron.

For the most part, many of my friends are in agreement with me – apart from the odd obsessive with too much time on their hands, of course – but the one thing which gets people divided is whether or not to iron bedding. I have to admit to ironing the sheets for the sofa beds when we have guests so as not to be considered a lazy hostess, however our own duvet covers remain unashamedly wrinkly. Perhaps the very fact that I need to hide away my un-ironed bedding says something about it; I obviously feel guilty as if I should be pressing the sheets . . . or maybe that’s just my Mother talking!

When we stay in hotels, I do enjoy the sight of pristine double beds made up with professionally ironed covers, and I will admit that you can tell the difference. Having said that, there's something about a hotel bed that it always feels particularly luxurious and indulgent – or maybe that’s just the feeling of being away from home (and housework!). It could be the quality of the sheets, too: Egyptian cotton with a high thread count is supposed to be the way forward. Maybe I should purchase some luxury sheets and treat myself and my husband to a hotel-style ironed bed experience every now and then – ironing is the height of romantic gestures indeed!


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