Fabric Choices & Thread Counts for Luxury Linens


Jay Johnson - We found an excellent custom linens resource and want to share it with you. We recently had an information lunch with the charming co-owner of Casa Del Bianco, Fabrizio Biasiolo, maker of fine custom Italian linens.

We learned that there is no right fabric to buy when you're looking for fine bed linens. As Fabrizio told us, "There is only fabric that is right for you. Your own personal taste and your intended use should dictate your choice." So here are some options, and their pros and cons:

Cotton: Available in percale or sateen. The sheets are smooth, strong, comfortable, and the care is relatively easy.

Linen: The strongest fiber, but the least uniform. Great airflow for coolness, but its irregular surface creates sheets that are less soft and wrinkle more than other fibers.

Silk: Woven from extremely smooth, thin, uniform yarn. It tends to feel more luxurious to the touch, but silk sheets are substantially warmer than either cotton or linen and they require more care.

Enjoy our video introduction to Casa Del Bianco. And I've also posted follow-up videos where Fabrizio goes into more depth about fabric choices and thread counts.


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