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Julia_Pic4.jpgJulia Broder -- Greetings from The Riverside Realty Group in beautiful Westport, CT! Did you all have a fantastic Memorial Day holiday weekend? The weather here in the Northeast has decided turned toward summer, and we're enjoying the great weather and the garden-soaking rains we deserve. And I'll tell you what else you deserve -- some luxe inspiration from my Luxe Properties website! Visit it often for the latest and greatest in high-end real estate.

This Luxe Properties column is your showcase for new, special luxe properties . . . luxury listings from the best independent boutique firms, of course! Learn all about luxe areas and beautiful residences that are for sale . . . ready for a wonderful buyer like you . . . then give me a call and we'll have fun shopping for your new home together.

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Where To Next, Julia? Let’s travel to another world . . . and you Luxe Property hounds will not believe this one! Are we in the south of France? Morocco, perhaps? This is such an exotic property, you’d think you were thousands of air miles away from home.

The Surprise . . . and we’re bursting to tell you . . . is that we are so close to where we live and play. Our featured property is right in beautiful California . . . the enclave of historic Palm Springs to be exact! Luxies, you’re so lucky to find this rare jewel in today’s real estate market . . . a property with boundless creative energy and a fabulous history . . . Les Baux de Palm Springs . . . named after the most beautiful village in France.


Natural Beauty! This home is set on the most amazing 65 acres of prime mountainside land . . . hidden above Palm Springs . . . yet only five minutes to downtown! You just can’t beat all that land and its prime almost in-town location.

Somers_Hamel.jpgEnter this private estate and you’ll see that it speaks fluently in Natural and Organic Beauty. Luxies, this is your special language! This has been one of the most unique and private estates in the world ever offered for sale . . . and it’s been the home for almost 30 years of Suzanne Somers and Alan Hamel.

What???!!! Yes . . . no need to adjust your reading glasses. We did say the fabulous Suzanne Somers!!!!! She’s been our muse and teacher for everything beautiful . . . and sumptuous . . . and we’ve always trusted her to give us important, valuable information and products for our health, beauty, well-being, and soul.

This estate is filled with Suzanne’s exquisite interior design! But this is no surprise as my Luxies have always loved her clothes . . . her style . . . and all that sparkles. Yes, I adore her jewelry and her product lines . . . all done with exceptional taste and flair.

The Somers/Hamel estate has only been touched by only three owners in 80 years. It was originally built by Wright Ludington . . . the construction was 10 years in the making by this man, a true art and antiques connoisseur. He wanted to build a special home reminiscent of the homes he grew to love from the area of Provence in the south of France.


Then Les Baux de Palm Springs was later purchased by Kay and Louis Beniot, former owners of Almaden Wineries . . . a couple who had seven homes around the world . . . and they claimed that this one was their favorite! My Luxies, it suited the lifestyle they knew so well from their French roots and years in the vineyard. In 1977, after the death of Mr. Benoit, Suzanne Somers and Alan Hamel purchased the home and for the past thirty years have enhanced this masterpiece.


Improving Perfection: Somers and Hamel hired the famous stone mason, Olav . . . a true artisan . . . working for years . . . using natural stone from the property . . . creating stone benches . . . rich rock walls . . . lining the walkways . . . making patios! And then the ultimate structure . . . they added a 50-seat amphitheater set in the rocks which Ms. Somers describes as her “ballroom” and where many a famous soiree has taken place over the years . . . under the stars . . . dancing to musicians dressed in white jackets! Les Baux de Palm Springs has become a coveted dinner/dance invitation . . . and it’s now ready to be enjoyed by the next lucky owner!

Privacy in the San Jacinto Mountains: Witness the nondescript gates, opening to a curving mountain road . . . leading you through a narrow canyon . . . all the way to the main residence. Take a special mountainside 4-person funicular, electric cart paths, or just walk up rock steps! Notice the gorgeous view of the rocky hillside and all the property for as far as you can see – it’s all part of this special estate!


At the House! Once you land at the main veranda, you’re greeted by a serpentine rock bench around a sandy fire pit sitting area. The home unfolds into public spaces like the Gazebo outdoor living room!


Dramatic sunsets enhance the alfresco dining experience here and bring the outdoors into the indoor living room . . . with the original brick floor and coffered ceiling and a magnificent fireplace. You’ll see valley views from the balcony!


Tasty Kitchen, Luxies! The kitchen has seen a lot of action! Some of the best recipies for Suzanne’s books have been created here . . . and the space is reminiscent of a fine French countryside bed and breakfast. It’s a real chef’s kitchen with all the best appliances, and there's a butler’s kitchen close by with a large pantry.


You’ll love the wine room behind the iron door which opens to a Larkin 57-degree climate-controlled room for 5,000 bottles! Remember my Luxe Properties article on wine rooms? Well, you will absolutely love this room! It is magnificent, and luxely large enough for the fussiest wine connoisseur.

Adjacent to the kitchen is the breakfast deck . . . a rock lined, hillside deck framed by mature trees . . . serenaded by singing birds and fulfilling a deep sense of peace and solitude.


More Rooms, More Details! Les Baux de Palm Springs features a formal dining room with flagstone floors. It seats 32! The room has a majestic view of the mountains. Details include a deep fireplace with a Balinese wood mantle and a bar with sink and refrigerator . . . ready for your guests to help you celebrate your new Luxe Property purchase! Intricate French doors open to the dining room deck . . . and once again, an indoor room communicates seamlessly with a correspondingly beautiful outdoor room. Clever!


So Suite! The home unveils itself as you meander through seven . . . yes, 7 indiviual suites! Each suite is made of old adobe bricks . . . no longer available in the desert . . . all handmade so each is different in texture and size! Each suite has a wonderful theme and takes you to anoher place of relaxation and peace. Your family, friends, and guests will not want to leave!


In all, the estate has 10 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms in a compound of 7 different suites and houses. Unique!


There are many outdoor rooms . . . gorgeous gardens . . . and secret places on the estate. Which one will be your favorite refuge? There’s serious exploring to be done and Nature’s presents to unwrap as you walk around the estate.


Work? You can imagine yourself working in Ms. Somers’ office here! It’s designed like a bird’s nest, with glorious views and delicious privacy, of course . . . absorbing the creative energy found here -- her inspiration for popular books on health and living well.

Glamor? The master dressing room is pure Movie Star Glamour. The master suite is luxurious and in keeping with the theme of the finest French chateau, with sumptuous design and the finest materials. 150-year-old gates from Arezzo, Italy lead you to the private flagstone patio, fragrant with fruit trees . . . then outside to a lagoon-like setting in a canyon opening . . . home of the magnificent pool.


Poolside: The pool is surrounded by raw mountains and boulders . . . and they supply wonderful color under the brilliant desert sunshine. A rock patio includes a free-form spa and outdoor shower . . . one of three on the property! The lagoon rests among 100-year-old palm trees in their natural state. Automatic lighting on timers controlled by a central panel make special magic when the sun goes down!


So Much! Hiking around the property is a joy! This is a natural retreat . . . never to be replicated . . . filled with special spaces . . . creating quality luxe lifestyle memories for you and everyone in your charmed life.


The gifts of nature . . . and the magic of this extraordinary property . . . luxe living inspired and created by modern masters with love . . . and the latest amenities . . . carefully nurtured over the years by Suzanne Somers and Alan Hamel. Please contact me today at 1-203-247-7500 for more information on the fantastic Les Baux de Palm Springs estate and your introduction to the best realtor in Palm Springs, California!

I can't stop dreaming about this wonderful luxury estate! I enjoyed sharing this opportunity with you . . . and for all the best luxe properties in the world, I would love to meet with you to help you in your buying or selling. As an affiliate agent with The Riverside Realty Group, I can put you in touch with only the finest agents and properties . . . each one private and professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. And call me for advice on how to help you list and sell your beautiful home . . . or help you find a new home for 2008. I offer total luxury real estate services with your privacy in mind.

Till next time . . . I'm getting a new luxe property ready to showcase, and we'll travel together to another fantastic community! (Until then, please visit my Luxury Properties website and email me at julia@juliabroder.com with your comments, ideas, and real estate questions. I always love to hear from my Luxies!)

All the best,


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