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TNT Partners -- Potential luxe property clients . . . whether you want to be a real estate buyer or seller . . . listen up! It's time for another High-End Real Estate Class. We're ringing our Swarovski Crystal bells and calling this class in session.

bells.jpgToday's Lesson: Why work with a Realtor®? 

First, a simple definition: a Realtor® is a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors. That's the organization that tells us how to train, transact business, and grow as professionals.

Lets Look Closer! We all like the bottom line. The NAR conducted a survey . . . and guess what? The home price for sellers who use a Realtor® as agent is 16% higher than for those who don't.

In another survey . . . 9 out of 10 home buyers use a Realtor® as their agent in the real estate buying process. We're everywhere, we're everywhere! And we can help you find exactly what you're looking for, picky luxe property lovers.

We've Got Branding Power! FYI . . . the "REALTOR®" logo is proudly displayed on the real estate agent's business card. You'll find it also on other marketing and sales literature. (We even have cute pins to wear!)

We're Committed. Realtors® are committed . . . professionally bound . . . to treat all parties to any real estate transaction honestly. We must stick to a strict code of ethics. It's part of our real estate DNA! 

We are expected to maintain a high level of knowledge about All Things Real Estate. We eat, drink, sleep, and breathe the process of buying and selling it.


No Fooling Around! We realize that real estate transactions involve one of the largest financial investments you will ever make.

Why wouldn't you trust your largest financial investment to someone who is involved . . . engrossed . . . in the business of transacting real estate deals every single day?

Any Questions So Far, Class? We love training luxe property lovers about real estate! And one of the biggest questions we get on a day-to-day basis . . . and it hits on our biggest reason why you need a Realtor® . . . is how do those "For Sale By Owner" folks manage?

Our answer, Class: not very well. We ask how the average, untrained homeowner can cope with:

  • Working with complete strangers
  • Allowing complete strangers into their home
  • Managing real estate transactions while still running busy work and family schedules
  • Not knowing exactly what to do in all the complex phases of buying or selling luxe properties

No Way! Work with strangers?!  Allow strangers into your home?! Juggling yet another set of complex tasks in addition to everything you're already doing?! Understanding real estate complexities?!

Luxe property lovers, we know you've gotten where you are today because you're clever. You delegate work. You work with skilled professionals. You make sure the job gets done. And you make sure the job gets done brilliantly!

Realtor%20on%20the%20job.jpgPart of What We Do: You need someone working on your team who is there on your behalf every day . . . paying attention to your property . . . updating you constantly on progress . . . watching the real estate market . . . finding the listings that you desire . . . working with investors, contractors, builders, environmental specialists, and money people.

There are so many pieces to any luxe property transaction. And it's our job to manage them all.

Making a List! Why is a Realtor® a key part of any luxe real estate transaction? Let us count all the ways:

  1. Realtors® generally prescreen the buyers of your luxe properties. We're valuable gatekeepers so the wrong people don't waste your valuable time.
  2. We guide you through the real estate process with ease to get you the results that you demand.
  3. Realtors® will answer all financial questions concerning your purchase or the sale of your property.
  4.  We can put you in touch with the best resources for funding your luxe home and helping you determine your buying power.

Negotiating! This is a huge reason why a Realtor® is a necessity. We negotiate details every day . . . just a few minor real estate details like

  • Price
  • Terms
  • Financing
  • Inspections
  • Renegotiating after inspections are concluded
  • Furnishings and equipment
  • And probably most important to you . . . "When are we going to close on our fabulous new home?!"

So We Can Help! We'll work with you prospective buyers out there to calculate how much you can can afford to spend. We can guide you to those professionals who are experienced to get you pre-qualified for financing . . . and help you with pros who will lock in a great mortgage to buy that luxe property.

For Sale By Owner? Puhleeze! Class, if you learn anything from this lesson, know that Realtors® can help you get results, get a better deal, manage the emotional real estate process smoothly . . . and treat you and others with honesty . . . in accordance with the NAR's strict code of ethics.

Say, did that large ad you placed in the local newspaper sell your house???? We didn't think so.

Value Proposition: Realtors® get the job done! The National Association of Realtors® studies show that 82% of real estate sales are the result of agent contacts through previous clients, referrals, friends, family, and personal leads.

housepainter.jpgWith a Smile! Services . . . we Realtors® have great lists of fabulous service people . . . local and national resources to help you get any job done beautifully!

Moving pros to help your move go smoothly.

Handymen and handywomen to get your house ready for sale.

Folks who hang your artwork with precision.

Interior designers to make your luxe home so luxurious and livable.

Landscapers to wrap your property in an aura of individuality.

Carpenters to build whatever your heart desires.

Contractors and tradespeople to help you add on, remodel, paint, renovate, install, and improve on your investment.

Giving 1000 Percent! Realtors® are a big part of your community. We get involved and we give back to charities and countless civic organizations! We give our knowledge to our clients. We work hard to earn your trust and respect every day.

Why? Well, Class, there's a simple answer to that one. We love what we do.

Luxe home buyers and sellers . . . work with a Realtor®. There is no smarter alternative . . . and we know YOU are smart!

Where Are We? If you want to find one of us, it's easy. Go to the NAR Find a Home and Find a Realtor® search page . . . and let your online fingers lead you to a handy nearby pro . . . after you've scoped out some of the great house buys in your area, of course! 

All our best till next week,

TNT Partners: Julia, Wendy, and Steven

Photo Credits: Swarovski Crystal, Edyn Real Estate, Realtor.org, Old House Web

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