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TNT Partners -- We're seeing Realtor stars right now . . . TNT Partners is gearing up to shoot a few television episodes for HGTV this week! Very coooool . . . and please stay tuned for more info, luxe home lover.

mansion.jpgWe Know Our Way Around! TNT has been taking you room by room, all around the house, filling you in on what to expect in your luxe property . . . but not from the design point of view at all! We love to focus on features we know, as Realtors, that the luxe property buyer is looking for.

So many high-end expectations when it comes to purchasing any high-end residence. It's good for you to be forewarned that these are the bling-blings buyers have come to expect. And if you're not selling your luxe property, dear reader, then consider adding these features because . . . you deserve the luxe life! 

Pay Attention, Class: These construction, design, appliance, and decorating details and trends are KEY! They will increase your real estate values and keep you up to date with luxe property enhancements and new construction ideas. Here's the TNT lesson for today:

  • Set your investment apart from others.
  • Enrich your lifestyle while you still have ownership.
  • Then cash in when the time comes to sell!

Step Outside! This week . . . outdoor luxe spaces! The past few weeks, we've kept you cooped up inside luxe homes. Today we get to go outside and play!

Outdoor luxury . . . not just for the absolutely Over the Top properties. More and more homes are incorporating outdoor family rooms and entertainment spaces.











Red-Hot Decks!!! Our clients love those large entertainment decks! We see them made from several materials including stone, limestone, redwood, and slate . . . just to name a few . . . and the decks align with massive stone, brick, or cement fireplaces. Luxe, luxe, luxe! The fireplace has become the as the centerpiece for all the fun. Gather 'round the fire, everyone! 

It's All About Rooms. Luxe properties have multiple outdoor areas. These are often called "rooms" by landscape architects . . . and the best luxe properties have invested in these professionals. Formal gardens and planting areas . . . lawns . . . outdoor use areas . . . all these and other goodies are covered by a formal landscaping master plan. Get one! Get one NOW!

We've asked around, and some of the best master plans start at only about $1,000, depending of course on the number of acres covered. Take the plan to your landscaper or trusted garden center and they will help you execute the plants part . . . take the plan to your contractor and they will execute the hardscaping part.

Tip Time! And here's a tip from a master outdoor designer: The best gardens and outdoor rooms are reached by surprise! Landscape with trees and overgrown plantings . . . install hardscaping or lawn for walkways . . . have paths that wind their way around planting features . . . and turn a corner and you are HIT by a surprising view! That's how you should approach your special outdoor rooms. BY SURPRISE!!!

Let's Take a Walk . . . Arbors covered with vines and wisteria . . . yummy landscaping and hardscaping extras that add glamour and luxe to outside living areas. Follow the arbors . . . lead your family and guests to several enticing spaces. We're crazy about the atmosphere arbors add! European romance . . . they take you down beautiful stone-and-gravel or herringbone-patterned brick pathways.

gazebo.jpgWhat a SURPRISE! Your meandering through the yard leads you to an architecturally-designed gazebo! So posh, so much a part of the luxe outdoor lifestyle! We are seeing many gazebos made of wood or iron alongside spectacular gardens. Water fountains . . . small ponds with coy . . . private spaces for relaxation.

Make a Splash. More paths and arbors and beautifully-landscaped walkways take you to a fabulous stone and wood pool house! Pool houses . . . they're become so much more for today's luxe property.

We love the ones which include full kitchens . . . a barbecue station . . . changing rooms . . . all surrounding a fantastic outdoor "family room" overlooking the pool and bubbling spa area.

This of course is the ultimate . . . but then again, luxe lovers, we are talking about life in the High End!

It's the Pits! Other intimate settings off the kitchen area of luxe homes . . . patios with firepits in the center! One in particular, in a new luxe home for sale that we just saw . . . has wonderful cement seating around the pit. Perfect with colorful pillows. Lounging invited here!

Kids Stuff: Play areas in outdoor spaces have come quite a long way! We're seeing elaborate playsets mirror the architecture of the main residence . . . custom built, of course. New playground equipment . . . trampolines installed in the ground for added safety . . . fantasy playsets that turn kids into spaceship explorers or pirate captains or defenders of frontier forts . . . just some ideas builders are providing our luxe clientele!

bridal%20paths.jpgBig Spread? We scour the country and the world for luxe properties . . . outdoor living is the hot thing, and it appeals to all ages and all hobbies. We find luxe homes with large acreages . . . private golf course . . . or at least a few holes to practice driving, chipping, and putting! Tennis courts. Basketball court. Horse facilities and beautiful bridal paths. Giddyupp! Through-the-woods or over-hill-and-dale courses for snowmobiles, mountain bikes, and those ever-popular all-terrain vehicles. Last . . . but not least . . . party barns for large gatherings. 

During the last presidential election season, we attended a fundraiser with celebrity authors and statesmen speakers . . . tables decorated to the nines . . . all spread out with a huge stage . . . in a barn. So chic. So luxe. So neighborly.  

Shameless Pitch: We would like TNT Partners to represent you or your luxe property. We know what you want . . . we understand what you have invested in your high-end lifestyle . . . your time is important . . . and you deserve the best! When you're buying or selling, we understand.

And soon, on cable TV, we'll be helping millions of viewers learn more about what shows and sells well with luxe properties. (Does that make us luxe property experts? We think so!)

We look forward to sharing more scoops from the High End next week.

All our best till then,

TNT Partners: Julia, Wendy, and Steven


Photo credits: PRWeb, Chicago Home + Garden, Forest, Real Estate in France

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