Basics for Stove & Fridge Placement

If you're longing for harmony and good energy in your home, you might want to see what's going on in your kitchen. Feng shui principles ask us to study a bit closer the relationship between your oven and refrigerator. Are they side by side? Are they opposite one another (as in the diagram at right)? What size is the countertop space between these two "opposite" appliances?

Kitchen placement has been a pet obsession for households since the mid-1900s. The introduction of labor-saving appliances meant that the kitchen was forced to accommodate more elements than it normally had before these inventions came into being. But we can still use ancient feng shui tenants - and a dollop of common sense and good design placement - to properly orient our kitchen appliances. In this short video, we review some of the do's and don'ts of oven and refrigerator placement.


For more info: Go to Love to Know, essortment, and We also recommend Sarah Shurety's wonderful book Feng Shui for Your Home.

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