Create a Gratitude Center

The Wealth and Prosperity Area in your home or in any room of your house is a key element to helping you attract a strong flow of positive energy into your life. Try to carefully balance good health with good wealth so as not to tip too much towards an obsession with one over the other. But we know few people who couldn't use a bit more prosperity!

A wise friend who advises Hollywood moguls and everyday people through phone consultations recently told us that gratitude is the most important element in attracting prosperity and abundance into our lives. She shared these tips with us:

  • When you receive a bill or a check - it doesn't matter if it's a debit or credit situation - put it in a family gratitude center for a few days before you pay the bill or deposit the check. Let your grateful, prayerful energy focus on what you've received. Then release it and take care of it.
  • Add other elements to your gratitude center that will help you focus your energy and prayers of gratitude on what's coming into your life and what's going out of your life.
  • Don't be afraid of bills! Be grateful that you will receive the money to pay for everything. Know that prosperity is a two-way street - material possessions and cash flow into your life and they flow out of your life. Be grateful for every blessing and obligation that comes your way.

In this short video, we show you how to set up a simple gratitude center. We placed ours in an apartment kitchen, but you can put it in your home office or the wealth and prosperity area of your home or another room (okay, we don't really recommend putting it in a bathroom!). Enjoy, and be prosperous in both wealth and health.


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