Sally Sirkin Lewis

This fabled interior designer and businesswoman founded the high-fashion furniture showroom J. Robert Scott some 30 years ago.The firm is known for its lines of "home couture."

Her interior design business, Sally Sirkin Interior Design -- both commercial and residential -- occupies her time along with J. Robert Scott, which serves as a home to her own innovative furniture and textile designs. A designer of great accomplishment, she has over 100 American and British patents to her credit and was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame and the AD 100.

Ms. Lewis has been a driving proponent of California Design, a 1970s look that exudes mod glamour from a much more relaxed and carefree time. She has extended the J. Robert Scott brand and reach beyond their California manufacturing facility with showrooms in New York, London, Chicago, and Los Angeles and a network of international sales reps.

Our Favorite Quotes

"When I walk into a room, correct scale and proportion always give me a sense of serenity."

"Not being able to make a decision can hold up a job for years. Trust either happens at the beginning or it doesn’t. I think it’s about a client’s strength of personality, their confidence and their judgment. That trust has a lot to do with the confidence the client has in himself or herself."

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