Denyse Schmidt

We first met designer Denyse Schmidt over ten years ago when she was a children's book designer in Wilton, Connecticut. But she has now struck out on her own and oversees a wide-ranging design business that Martha Stewart and other decorating watchdogs have admired and promoted.

Denyse Schmidt Quilts is Denyse's flagship product line. Her creations show a sophisticated, high-end design sensibility, nurtured by her Rhode Island School of Design training, her natural eye, and her upbringing in a Northeastern textile mill town. Her couture quilts are handmade by Amish workers in Minnesota.

Denyse's line has expanded to include fabrics and patterns, tabletop linens, notecards and papergoods, pillows, quilt-upholstered furniture, and customized quilts.

Denyse Schmidt goods add handmade touches to any home, an important humanizing factor that counterbalances the machine-made furnishings we tend to fill our interiors with. Quilts make great collectibles and can be displayed in many ways -- use them on beds and daybeds, drape them over the backs of sofas, hang them over stair railings, affix them to the wall as art, or display them folded in bookshelves or hutches.

We salute Denyse for following her creative vision and doing it with such heart and style.


Denyse Schmidt Sampler




Photo credits: Denyse Schmidt

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