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Remembering the Master and Hassan Fathy: Architecture for the Poor


Quotable Quotes 

"Architecture is music frozen in place. And music is architecture frozen in time."

"A house where the children play happily is a happy state."

"An architect should live in the spaces he has created. If he is happy, he deserves credit. If he is unhappy, then he is to be discredited."



Born in 1900 in Alexandria, Egypt

Graduated in 1926 from Cairo University; studied agriculture, then switched to architecture

Early 1940s rural hospitals project focused on Nubian construction techniques he discovered in Upper Egypt using natural materials and housing styles

Years of distinction with projects ranging from community housing projects, temporary housing for refugees, and the Nasser Mausoleum

Died in 1989


What We Love 

Every project he ever undertook bore the distinct mark of a perfectionist, and he was someone who thoughtfully considered the human beings who would be living and/or working in the spaces he designed.

Fathy was always a gracious person, opening his home each afternoon to visitors, including friends, families, neighbors, and strangers who were admirers. The food he served his guests was always chosen with care, too. He makes us remember that homes are meant to be happy centers for hospitality.

We loved his goals of making comfortable, low-cost housing with natural building materials. His mud brick homes were just the ticket to meet the climate and economic needs of rural communities, but these are building styles and techniques that should inspire all sustainable building worldwide.


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Photo credits: KmtSpace, Vital Signs, Flickr, Tour Egypt, Katarxis, Al Ahram, pushpullbar

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