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Mario Buatta

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Interior Design Hall of Fame bio, NY Times article

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"I really care about how a house looks on the inside and outside; I could care less about how it's structured."

"Everything I've ever bought has always reminded me of something I've already seen, someplace, sometime."

"People decorate three times in their lives: The first time is when they get married and get their own place. The second is when their children grow up and they redecorate with better things. Then after 60, they do it for the last time and they make their home look the way they have always dreamed."


Born in 1935 in Staten Island, NY

Ditched architecture studies at Cooper Union and switched to Parsons School of Design

Influenced by John Fowler and his accessorized-to-the-max English country decorating style

Dubbed the "Prince of Chintz" in 1984 by a NY television news reporter, and it's stuck ever since

High-profile commissions like Washington's Blair House and homes for Mariah Carey, Nelson Doubleday, Billy Joel, and other celebrities and socialites



What We Love

He still answers his own phones; that strikes us as practical, hands on, and no pretense.

His designs are comfortable, highly decorative, and whimsical -- and we love any decorator with a sense of humor (he's said to carry around a plastic joke cockroach in his pocket everywhere he goes . . . and he's even named the cockroach Harold).

We lust after the enormous and elegant dressing room complex he designed for Mariah Carey. Lucky her.

Buatta appreciates good collections and eclectic mixes in his interiors, but he also has an appealing humbleness and sense of humility in his philosophy concerning "things." He realizes that objects are really only "on loan" to us during our lifetime. We should provide beautiful objects with a kind and loving place to be displayed and used during our lifetimes, then have them passed on to others for further enjoyment. For this sentiment alone, we are eternally grateful to the amazing Prince of Chintz.

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