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3 Things We Hate in the Interior Design Industry

Irwin Weiner ASID - If you've followed our Design2Share videos in the past, you know that we have our own "pet hates" about the design industry. Our Worst Home Design Mistakes video has garnered many thousands of views because people are naturally drawn to worst dressed lists and other industry rants. By and large, we try to stay on a positive, upbeat path, but here are three aspects of the interior design industry that I can't stand ... and I'm not going to take them sitting down any more!

1. Home Goods Shipped in Flimsy Packaging

More designers and their clients are turning to online decorating resources and having merchandise shipped to their homes or job sites. Why do some companies fail to understand that merchandise is fragile and should be well packaged so home goods arrive unscratched, unbroken, unmarred, unbent, and ready to use? I've had mirrors packaged in flimsy cardboard boxes; they arrive with the broken contents tinkling around inside the container. Not acceptable! Advice: Be sure you do not accept any merchandise delivery until you open it up and carefully inspect all items. Do not sign for or accept something that is damaged. Have it sent back and work with your designer to get a free replacement rush shipped in proper packaging - a crate if they have to in order to ensure a better condition upon arrival.
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