Resolution: Find Scaled-Down Fixtures for My Small Bathroom

We applaud whenever home goods companies inject some GREEN into their products, and that's the case with Swiss manufacturer Laufen. Their Mimo Collection features scratch-resistant surfaces that are made from recycled materials. We also found that reading their online literature was great for a quick out-loud (albeit unintentional) laugh. You usually don't see a bathroom described as "vital and vibrant - oozing intelligence, wit and integrity."

Well, one might describe the Mimo Collection, with its tinge of GREEN, as intelligent, including WaterSense certified toilets that use less water per flush. The black, white, and pink color schemes are certainly witty. And we can't say enough about the floating, wall-mounted fixtures that look so elegant and leave more washable floor surface. And in keeping with smaller house and room footprints, Mimo fixtures and furnishings include scaled-down sinks, toilets, vanities, and bathtubs; these make good choices for the smaller powder room and half bath.





Jay Johnson2 Comments