Resolution: Organize All Clothing Messes


We're big fans of products that combine decorative value and functional design. It's important for any decor item to fit in with the rest of your interior design scheme, but does it really work for your busy family? Hanging systems are godsends for the home, and make it your resolution this year to better organize where everything gets hung up around the house. They singlehandedly

  • Reduce clutter and the dreaded pile of clothing on the floor
  • Provide a home for disparate items like bags, hats, coats, pet leashes, scarves, and purses
  • Organize belongings, like providing a dress-up center in a child's bedroom
  • Give purpose to potentially dead zones in the house like entry halls and mudrooms
  • Give guests a place to hang their coats and outdoor gear when visiting your home

We recommend two hanging systems from Design House Stockholm. For years, this Scandinavian powerhouse has worked with the finest designers to tackle the conundrum of making beautiful things and making beautiful things really useful. Amen to that!



Every home should be riding the Wave . . . as in the Wave Hanger (see photo above) from Design House Stockholm. Two length of metal fit together to form over 17 inches of hanging area and we think this looks so cool! When you look straight on, it's as if there are little rivulets of water running along the wall or you can also see dripping paint or splashes of water from large raindrops. Any way you look at it, this organic, sculptural hanging system is teriffic.

  • Purchase extra lengths and you can create several shelving rows to make good use of tight space.
  • A long wall of Waves would make a great looking and useful hanging system in a long mudroom or back door entry hall.
  • We know homeowners who have used the Wave in their garage to hang up camping equipment, backpacks, garden tools, and outdoor extension cords.
  • We also recommend putting the Wave in a child's room for hanging up totes and bags, sweaters, scarves, dress-up clothes, and other kid items. They'll love the whimsical design and the rounded edges are child friendly. (Be sure to hang the system within reach of your little ones so they can easily use the system.)



Another great hanging system is the Arrow Hanger, also from the clever ones at Design House Stockholm. When not in use, the top of each arrow bends back up to form a 3D arrow super graphic that looks decorative and 1970s retro chic. Bend the top down to form a hanger that's ultra practical for hanging coats, belts, ties, hats, scarves -- you name it.Buy them in any of 5 fun colors.

  • We recommend Arrow Hangers in every laundry room (they're always in need of a fresh design boost, right?); use them for hanging up freshly ironed shirts, dresses, blouses, and bed linens.  
  • Closets need Arrow Hangers, too, for practical hanging for belts, scarves, hats, and necklaces.
  • Put several in a bathroom so your houseguests have an extra hook to hang up their towels, bathrobes, and swim suits.  
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