Report from Milan: Scouting Hot New Accessories

Irwin Weiner - We just got back from Milan, arguably the most design-oriented city on the planet. Part of our visit was to pay homage to La Rinascente, the fashion-forward department store with a rooftop restaurant overlooking the Duomo.

This 150-year-old department store received a 2009 jolt, completely modernizing its departments and opening up a basement-level Design Supermarket filled with great objects from Italy and other countries. Breathtaking views, food, clothing, and home goods to be had - so let's get started with photos of our lunch at the La Rinascente rooftop lounge and some of our favorite finds, followed by a list of designers and objects you should look into for your home.


Favorite La Rinascente Finds

1. DMK Design - Vassoio Tondo round tray

2. The New English - InkHead porcelain

3. Becka Citron - Fabria Compana Piele fruit or pear glass domes

4. Rosaria Rattin porcelain bottles

5. Ron Arad Pirouette 5-piece cutlery set

6. Ulrike Pluschau pipe vases (S, M, L) with knitted sweaters in red, purple, green, and brown

7. Reichenback Taste collection

8. Skitsch - Imperfetti fruit bowl

9. Arik Levy - Twister vase

10. Piero Fornasetti - "Smoking is harm" vase with lid

11. Seletti

12. Wetter indochine

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